The People's Century: Britain 1900-2000

Module code: 905V1A
Level 7 (Masters)
30 credits in autumn teaching
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module explores the development of Britain across the 20th century. For the last two generations, the study of British History at Sussex has been concerned with the lives and experience of ordinary people, and this course builds upon this longstanding tradition.

Themes may include inequality, emotion, welfare, citizenship, warfare, and popular culture. You will study four themes during the module, depending on which of the four modern British social, economic and cultural historians are teaching.

Module learning outcomes

  • Display a specialised knowledge of major developments and different historical approaches in the social, cultural and economic history of Britain in the twentieth century.
  • Display a broad understanding of key interventions within the historiography of modern Britain and a specific expertise in key areas, demonstrating the ability to summarise complex positions and distinguish relevant considerations.
  • Display written skills of clarity, rigour, precision and concision in the presentation and criticism of arguments and positions.
  • Display the ability to engage in reasoning of an abstract and theoretical nature, and to understand and deploy technical terminology.
  • Develop the ability to locate appropriate historical source material, the ability to read complex primary evidence critically, and to carry out a substantial and original piece of research in history writing.