Research Project

Module code: 708GR
Level 7 (Masters)
60 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Not yet finalised
Assessment modes: Coursework, Dissertation

In this module, you complete an extended piece of research on a topic relevant to your course. You are given one-on-one supervision and learn relevant research methodologies.

The project is 12,000 words in length and will involve either desk-based or original empirical study.

You will also give a 20-minute presentation in the style of an academic paper, detailing your research question, methodology and initial analysis and conclusions, and will be given both verbal and written feedback.

Module learning outcomes

  • Plan, develop and execute a substantial piece of independent, original research.
  • Identify, review and synthesise information from a diverse variety of sources, demonstrating a critical understanding.
  • Critically evaluate and apply appropriate intellectual and practical skills and methodologies to acquire, analyse and present complex datasets.
  • Effectively communicate the results of the research project in scholarly written, verbal and visual forms, and to a variety of audiences, to a professional standard.
  • Develop creative and innovative approaches to tackling and solving problems, demonstrating self-direction and originality.