Geohazards and Risk Assessment

Module code: 004GA
Level 6
30 credits in autumn teaching
Teaching method: Lecture, Practical
Assessment modes: Coursework

Earth surface processes and natural hazards pose significant challenges to society and infrastructure.

The expansion of global population and urbanisation, coupled with the potential impacts of climate change on natural processes, are anticipated to result in more frequent natural disasters and an increase in their associated risks.

An understanding of geohazards can be used to evaluate the opportunities for sustainable development and engineering through cost effective mitigation of natural hazards and risk.

The module integrates academic and commercial training with real case work. The course structure and content is based on real-world problems and will be taught by leading practitioners and academic experts in the discipline.

Module learning outcomes

  • create geomorphic maps using field and remotely sensed datasets.
  • produce 3D ground models using soil and rock description.
  • understand numerical frameworks used to model earth systems.
  • quantitatively assess risk.
  • understand methods used to mitigate risk.