English and drama

Writing Poetry

Module code: Q3204
Level 5
15 credits in spring semester
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module is a seminar and workshop for aspiring poets. You will read poetry and essays in preparation for class, but the chief activity will be original creative work. Everyone will be asked to write a poem per week, and to circulate the poem online to the whole group in advance of class.

Seminars will comprise a short introductory discussion of a set text, followed by a more extended discussion of your own work and the work of other students. For the purposes of this module, lively and respectful participation in group discussion is an essential part of our work, and you will be assessed partly on the basis of your generosity of attention to other students' work. By the end of the semester, everyone on the course will have produced a short collection of poems, with the benefit of regular critical attention from fellow students and from the tutor.

The module will conclude with a public poetry reading event on campus in which all students will be invited to participate.

Module learning outcomes

  • Write poetry with a confident understanding of a number of poetic techniques, verse forms and theories of poetics.
  • Demonstrate understanding of a number of historically important poetic styles and theories of poetry.
  • Respond generously and critically to the work of others in group discussion.