English and drama

Special Author(s): Jean Rhys, Jamaica Kincaid and the Postcolonial Caribbean

Module code: Q3080
Level 6
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Seminar
Assessment modes: Coursework

This module introduces you to the literature of the Caribbean and its diaspora and to some key cultural debates in Caribbean, postcolonial and feminist literary discourses through reading the work of Jean Rhys and Jamaica Kincaid, two of the most prominent women writers from the Caribbean.

The module addresses issues such as:

  • race and literary constructions of the nation
  • authenticity, orality and questions of voice
  • gender, sexuality and resistance
  • home and belonging
  • servants and madams
  • life writing
  • reception and literary reputations
  • questions of literary belonging and cultural identity
  • and writing and authorship after colonialism.

The selection of texts includes: Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea, Voyage in the Dark, Tigers Are Better Looking, and Smile Please; and Jamaica Kincaid's Annie John, Autobiography of My Mother, My Brother, Mr Potter, and Talk Story.


Module learning outcomes

  • Understand the formal and generic developments of a named author's work
  • Understand how the work has been shaped by the social, historical and intellectual contexts in which it was produced.
  • Through critical analysis of a range of the author¿s writing over his/her career, demonstrate an understanding of how his/her literary reputation was established and has been maintained.
  • Organise complex material into an essay that illustrates independent research