Web Computing

Module code: G5074
Level 6
15 credits in autumn semester
Teaching method: Laboratory, Lecture
Assessment modes: Unseen examination

In this module, you are introduced to the models and technologies used to provide services over the Internet and, in particular, the World Wide Web.

You cover topics including:

  • XML – DTD, Schema, DOM, XPATH and XSLT
  • client-side programming – embedded scripting languages, style sheets
  • server-side programming – Java Servlets, JSP
  • applications.


Java programming and HTML will not be introduced by the module but used throughout.

Module learning outcomes

  • Able to solve simple problems in the design of Internet services, using a variety of related technologies.
  • Use XML-derived markup languages such as XHTML, XSLT, and use the Java XML API.
  • Understand the main functions of HTTP, and how servers and clients access the protocol.
  • Able to construct simple web-applications involving both client and server-side programming, including with AJAX technology.