Developing Research Leadership and Enquiry - Spring

Module code: 151X3B
Level 7 (Masters)
30 credits in spring teaching
Teaching method: Not yet finalised
Assessment modes: Coursework

This unit aims to explore conceptions of, debates around and the role of practitioner research and enquiry, as well as exploring the uses and application of research-based knowledge in schools. It is designed to prepare research leaders for the development and maintenance of research activity in schools by exploring issues related to change, development and the management of research activity in schools. This will include an exploration of teacher learning and knowledge transfer. The dissemination of research and the sharing of knowledge will also be a key theme. This unit is expected to be undertaken by those who are the research leaders in the school and who are supported by their schools in this activity.

Module learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate a systematic knowledge and understanding of a substantive area of education (leadership, knowledge transfer, teacher learning and the role of practitioner research inquiry).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how enquiry methods can be used to create and interpret knowledge and further the student's own professional development
  • Demonstrate a capacity to critically appraise current literature relating to their specified area of education (research leadership)
  • Demonstrate the capacity to engage in critical reflection on practice.