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Sussex Abroad Shake Up 2019

As part of One World Week, the Sussex Abroad team once again held our annual Shake Up event. This year we changed the event by inviting a number of returning Sussex Abroad students along to talk to Year 1 students about their experiences on study abroad and answer questions students had about study abroad. We had a great turn out for the event, so thank you to all of you who came along, I hope you enjoyed getting a first hand insight of studying abroad. Also thank you to our returning students who gave up their time for the event and for all the work they put in to inspire our future Sussex Abroad students.

 OWW 2019 4  OWW 2019 3 OWW 2019 2


Winners of the 'My Erasmus+ Discovery' competition winners announced

Congratulations to Mona Issa, BA Childhood and Youth: Theory and Practice who has been announced as one of the National Agency Director's and Deputy Director’s winners for the above photo competition. Mona completed an Erasmus+ traineeship in Spain in 2017/18.


Mona had the following to say about her experience of her Erasmus+-funded traineeship:

"To be able to list all that Erasus+ had done for me I would go far over the word count. To sum it up, I would not be who I am today if I
had not been given this amazing opportunity. What had really affected me, and made me choose this picture to represent my Erasmus year was to show all the crazy, incredible travels, experiences, memories and most importantly, the friends I have made. Friends, who without them I would
be lost, I would not have gone to all these cities, counties or even a new continent (Woop for Morocco adventures!) I am confident to say I have a home with each one of these wonderful friends, whether they come from Italy, Turkey, Jordan or even America. My Erasmus year has opened many doors for the future, allowing me to continue carrying it out and never forgetting it!"


Sussex Shake Up Quiz 2018

As part of One World Week, the Sussex Abroad team invited Sussex Abroad students and our visiting & exchange students to get together to take part in an international themed quiz. Here are some of the highlights.

Shake up 1

Shake up 2

 Shake up 3

Shake Up 4

2016/17 Photo and Video competition

'What best captures my experience abroad'

As usual, we have received fantastic and amazing pictures for last year's photo competition! It was really difficult to pick the five winners, but after much deliberation, we are delighted to announce the following winners!

John Arizona State US

  • John, BSc Biomedical Science, Arizona State University (USA)
  • "Of all the photos I've taken on my year abroad at ASU this one holds the best to encapsulate my experience. It was taken at Horseshoe bend just north of the Grand Canyon where the Colorado river encircles the deep gorge. I took a moment to enjoy the canyon and relaxed with my feet up. We drove four and a half hours after a spontaneous decision that we had planned the night before. My best advice would be to explore everything you can while you can. Some of the best adventures are half the world away".

Abby in Uppsala Sweden

Abby, BA History, year abroad in Uppsala University (Sweden)

“It was hard to choose which photo best captured the incredible year I had in Sweden, and although this was not the best quality, or the most beautiful, I felt it best summed up what an adventure the year was. I arrived in a new country with new anxieties and feelings, and ended the year feeling like a different person and completely in love with a country I had not known before. When I sat on this snow mobile in the middle of the arctic in -20 weather I was terrified. I can't drive, let alone in these conditions! I almost didn't take part, but once I got the hang of it I couldn't believe what I was doing, it was incredible and the adrenaline I had throughout was so wonderful, and that's a sentence that could just as easily apply to my year abroad.”



Olivia Simon Fraser Canada



Olivia, BA English Lit, year abroad in Simon Fraser University (Canada)

“America’s endless landscapes. Taken in the Utah desert, 35 mm film.”

Natasha Doshisha University

Natasha, BA Anthropology, year abroad in Doshisha University (Japan)

“I think that my strongest memory of Japan won't be a certain place, or a person, or an activity - it will be the colour green. The green of rice fields, pine trees, bamboo, and the meticulously looked after beds of moss pictured in this photo. As the little Buddhist deities smile suggests, it has a wonderfully calming effect.”


Andy EGE Rabat Morocco (Summer School)




Andy, BSc Marketing and Management, Summer School at EGE Rabat (Morocco)

“I went to Rabat in Morocco for a month to study Arabic. After already studying Arabic for 2 years at University of Sussex, I was keen to test out my ability. Sussex University offered me a £500 grant which covered almost all the cost of the course. The University EGE Rabat, Morocco, was a small university with small class sizes. Classes were from 9am – 1pm, Monday – Friday. The teachers were lovely and gave us opportunities such as extra classes and activities if needed. On the weekends, we were able to explore Morocco further, travelling to Marrakech, Fez, Merzouga (Sahara Desert), Chefchaouen and Casablanca. The intensive course allowed me to gain comfort in my Arabic abilities and rekindled my passion for learning the language. I would recommend Morocco, for the culture, food and friendly people!”

See the full gallery below with all the photos submitted by our talented students! And here: Study Abroad Photo Competition 2016/17 [PDF 13.71MB] if you want to also read their feedback!

Study Abroad Photo competition 2016/17

Video Competition results

We were thrilled with the videos we received for this year's competition, amazing! Same as with the photo competition, it was very difficult to pick our winner and runners up, but here you go:

Winnder of the video competition: 'The Carolina Blues' by Portia, BSc Finance and Business in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)

3 runners up:

  • 'Study Abroad Uppsala' by Lucy, BA English and Film Studies, year abroad in Uppsala University (Sweden).
  • 'Part of my summer in Pusan, Korea' by Xiao H, BSc Finance with a Language, summer school at Pusan National University (South Korea)
  •  'A day in the life: Exploring Japan' by Isabelle, BSc Medical Neuroscience, year abroad at International Christian University (Japan)

We would like to say a big thank you to all participants in the 2016/17 Video Competition, well done! you've demonstrated to be an excellent filmmakers!

2015/16 Photo and Video competition

'What best captures my experience abroad'

During the academic year 2015/16 we gave the opportunity to those students who were abroad for a term, year and summer school to participate in our annual photo competition.

We received amazing pictures this year (as usual!) therefore it was very difficult to choose five favourites. After much deliberation, we are delighted to announce the following winners:

  • Alice - BSc Biology, year abroad in Simon Fraser University, Canada. "My trip to the Canadian rockies was incredible, I saw the highest mountains and the bluest waters. I chose this picture because it captures both of these things together. One thing I have said throughout this year was, take every opportunity to explore and once you think you have finished, explore a little bit further and you'll find something amazing".
  • Camilla - BA Economics and International Development, University of Western Australia. "I believe this one photo manages to capture my amazing year abroad at UWA. It was taken at the top of the Mount Batur in Bali after a two hour torch lit hike through the early hours of the morning, reaching the top for a breathtaking sunrise. We were in Bali during our first study break, a tradition carried out by most exchange students at UWA. It captures the amazing memory of the incredible friends I made whilst at UWA as well as stunning scenery and the sense of travel and adventure. All of which I was constantly submerged in during my year abroad at the University of Western Australia".
  • Luke - BA International Relations, Malmö University, Sweden. "They do things differently in Scandinavia".
  • Sebastian - BA Philosophy, University of Helsinki, Finland. "You can't escape the cold".
  • Steve - BA Music, Yamanashi Gakuin University, Japan. "I chose this photo as it has the most iconic mountain in Japan watching over everything. I feel it encapsules the beauty and unlimited amount of opportunities that Japan holds, I couldn't recommend this amazing country in any higher regard. Amazing!".

Study Abroad Photo Competition 2015-16


Video competition

This is the second year we run the Study Abroad Video Competition and we were amazed with the quality of the videos received. One more year, students have shown us how talented they are! We are delighted to announce the winner and the three runners-up below:

Winner of Video Competition: 'A good decision'

Lucy (BA Media Practice) year abroad at Simon Fraser University, Canada.




'Bilbao and Spain in 56 seconds' by Ashley (BA Film Studies and Spanish), Erasmus Language Assistantship in Spain.

'365 Days in Australia' by Harriet (BSc Psychology) year abroad at University of Queensland, Australia.

'Summer in Korea' by Olivia (BSc Computing for Digital Media), summer school at Korea University.


We love to hear from the students that are abroad and how it has been their experience once they return. Here is a videoblog recorded by Ayomide, a student that spent a term abroad in the University of Amsterdam in Autumn 2014.

Deniz is a Politics and International Relations student in University of Western Australia for the academic year 2016/17 and has a very good blog about her experiences in Australia:

Sussex Student Blog

SussexStudents features blog posts from students all across the University of Sussex, including those that are abroad in 15/16, sharing stories of their university experience from finding part-time work to exam stresses – and everything in between! 

If you are a Sussex student that is or was abroad, and you have recorded moments that reflect your time in a blog, web, or have taken videos or photos and would like to share these, please email us on

Discover below what our Sussex students say about studying abroad...

Quotes 1415 Giovanna

"Progress is impossible without change, and if you can't change your mind, you can't change anything. So go, travel, explore & change your mind!".

Giovanna Machado, BA International Relations & Development

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

quote 1415 MG"International friends, a new language and a real respect for Asia! Make sure you try the deep fried crab"

Michael Gray, BA Politics & International Relations

Korea University, Korea

Quote 1415 GDC"Beautiful nature, dog sledding in the Arctic, Swedish 'fika' everyday and a great social life in student 'nations'. I could no have chosen better!".

Georgia Donati Clarke, BSC Geography

University of Uppsala, Sweden


2014/2015 Photo and Video competition

Photo competition results:

Congratulations to all students that participated in our annual photo competition. We were very pleased with all the photos submitted and as usual, they were beautiful, interesting and stunning pictures - very difficult to decide our winners! This year though, we gave prizes to the following categories: nature and wildfile, landscapes and architecture, culture and people and international events. And the winners for these categories are:

  • Nature and Widlife: Sidney Patrick for his "Caribou resting amidst the snow in the Yukon Wildlife Preserve". 
  • Landscape and Architecture: Georgia Donati-Clarke for her "Explore somewhere extreme".
  • Culture and People: Gabriella Richards-Sueref for her "Hitching a ride in traditional finery at the internationally renowned annual horse fair in Jerez".
  • International Events: Charlotte Dos Santos for her "Matsuri (festival) Colours. With the sound of drums and screams, traditional Japanese fan dancers paraded the streets of Sendai".
Sidney Patrick

Sid Patrick NW 

"Caribou resting amidst the snow in the Yukon Wildlife Preserve"
Georgia Donati-Clarke

Georgia Donati-Clarke LA

"Explore somewhere extreme"
Gabriella Richards-Sueref

Gabriella Richards-Sueref CP

"Hitching a ride in traditional finery at the internationally renowned annual horse fair in Jerez"
Charlotte Dos Santos

Charlotte Dos Santos IE

"Matsuri (festival) Colours. With the sound of drums and screams, traditional Japanese fan dancers paraded the streets of Sendai"



Video Competition results:

We were very pleased to receive such an amazing videos from our students for our first video competition ever! It is great to see how talented some of you are and we are very pleased to announce that the winner and two runners-up are:

  • 1st position for Michael Gray and his "1 minute to show Seoul"


  • Two runners-up: Maud Start for her "Study Abroad in Mexico" and Clementine Loustrice for her "Chile - Year Abroad"



2013/2014 Photo exhibiton and competition

Thank you to all 48 returning students from their year abroad for participating in our annual photo competition, you all submitted amazing pictures and it was very difficult for our judges! We were pleased to announce our winner for the 2013/2014 Study Abroad Photo Competition:

Petra Peussa for her photos in Spain. Her photographs document the year that she spent at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The judge panel felt that she had fully immersed herself in the study abroad experience. Petra's photos show her celebrating with sporting teammates as well as highlight the beauty which Madrid has to offer. Congratulations!

The second and third prizes went to:

  • Frederick Miller: a final-year undergraduate in American Studies and History, who studied in Chicago, USA.
  • Camilla di Rezno: a final-year undergraduate in Film Studies and French, who studied in Paris.

Congratulations to Frederick and Camilla! 

2012/2013 Photo exhibition and competition

Congratulations to our winners!

1st: Michael Leaver for his photos in Mexico (Technologico De Monterrey)
Joint Runner Up:  Elvire Francois for her photos from Taiwan (National Taiwan University)
Joint Runner Up:  Declan Rowlands for his photos in The Netherlands (Work Placement) and Marie Vejvodova for her photos from Spain (Universidad de Joint Runner Up:  Stuart Young for his photos in Chicago (Roosevelt University)

See the photos on our Facebook page   Facebook

Winning Erasmus Essay

Read Mary-Rachel McCabe's inspiring account of her year abroad in Sevilla.

Winner of Butex Scholarship - Term abroad at the International Christian University in Japan

Ben Darrah-Morgan - BA Geography and International Relations

Japan - Study Abroad photoI applied for a Butex scholarship in May – knowing that even after cashing in a bond left by my great-grandmother, my last financial fall-back, I wouldn’t really be able to afford Tokyo’s prohibitive living costs – and fervently hoped that I would get it. To my delight, I received an email two weeks ago saying that I had been successful. This scholarship affords me the chance to travel around doing research for my thesis after the autumn term ends (I am staying on an extra month in the country, examining changing public perceptions of nuclear power in the wake of Fukushima). It will also allow me to explore the country’s interior a little in my remaining free time, and I plan to take a cheap internal flight north to snow-bound Hokkaido with a friend in December and then hitchhike back down Japan’s spine to Tokyo.

In the meantime, I have settled into a comfortable rhythm. Along with another Sussex student, I recently moved out of an Americanised campus dormitory. We now live in a cutesy Japanese house with wooden beams, tatami matting and paper blinds, in the affluent suburb of Kunitachi – slightly reminiscent of an oriental Kensington – and commute the six miles to ICU daily by bicycle and metro. The workload is fairly heavy, but our weekends are left free to explore the city by day and enjoy downtown Shibuya’s nightlife, which lives up to all expectations.

Photo of Japan taken by Study Abroad Student - Ben Darrah MorganI would urge all aspiring Study Abroad students to apply for scholarships from institutions such as Butex: there is a tendency to consider such opportunities and then not act on them, or to dismiss them as being unlikely to pay off. However, being proactive could massively ease your financial burden later and allow you to use your time fruitfully. For a start, you can bank on the apathy of others – at least taking the time to look into possible sources of help gives you a chance! Having committed to the daunting prospect of a term or year abroad, the difficult part is already out of the way. A little extra input can help you to make the most out of your experience.