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Research participants wanted

22 May 2017

We are carrying out an NHS study to identify factors which help young adults recover after an experience of psychosis. We are looking for healthy MALES aged 18-40 years of age. The study involves completing questionnaires, interviews and tasks which takes 3.5 hours. You will be reimbursed £20 for your time. Please contact Abigail: for more info.

Abigail Wright

8 May 2017

We are looking for healthy individuals aged 40-50 to participate in a study on the effects of inflammation on the brain. The study will involve coming to the University of Sussex on three separate occasions (the first for a blood test only).The 2nd and 3rd sessions will each last up to 5 hours and will involve having an MRI scan, donating blood samples and completing some questionnaires before and after receiving a Typhoid vaccination or placebo (saline) injection.

Neil Harrison

30 March 2017

SUSSEX MINDFULNESS RESEARCH School of Psychology & Sussex Mindfulness Centre A new research study for Sussex students - take part! Mindfulness Intervention Project: You are assigned to either a teacher-led course, a self-guided course or a 'wait-list' (to do the self-guided course later) For more information please email:

22 March 2017

Alcohol drinkers earn £80.00! fMRI study that will test how Atomoxetine affects attention. Atomoxetine is used for treating ADHD. You will do 3 sessions: screening (1.5h), and two testing sessions (5h each). In one test session you will get 60mg of Atomoxetine, in the other you will get a placebo. You CANNOT take part if you: o Are left handed o Have ever had a seizure, tic or spasm o Are using anti-depressant medication o Use any illicit drug weekly o Have MRI contraindications

If you want to take part, are right handed, are 18-40 years old, and weigh 55-90kg, contact Kiki Nikolaou ( for info and screening.

24 February 2017

Taking part involves watching some television sitcoms whilst having an fMRI scan and then answering some questions about the shows afterwards. We will pay £20 for your time (in total, £10 per hour), and you will receive a picture of your brain. You need to be a right-handed, native English speaker.

22 December 2015

We are looking for volunteers, aged over 18 and with normal or corrected-to-normal vision, for participating in a study investigating judgements of variance/diversity perceived in different parts of the visual field. The study involves simple computer-based tasks, lasting for about 75 minutes. Participants will be paid £10 for their time. If you are interested or would like to know more about it, please contact me (Marta) at .

These University of Sussex research projects contribute to the University's role in conducting research and teaching research methods. If you choose to participate in any research project, your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time.