Induction for new students - Starting with us

Registration and Passport/Visa copying

If you’ve entered the UK on a Tier 4 Student Visa, or you have any other type of visa, the University is required to take a copy of your visa for our records. You will need to attend a passport/ visa copying session as a condition of your registration at Sussex. If you obtain a new visa or a new passport at any time during your studies, you should also provide us with a copy of this.

New students can begin the registration process online from 22 August.

If you have applied for a visa to study at Sussex, in order to complete your registration the University will need to take a scan of your passport and visa. This can be done at in-person registration when you arrive at Sussex. Information regarding when you should attend in-person registration can be found below.

You will need to bring the following original documents to your relevant in-person registration session:

  1. Your passport
  2. Your visa, leave stamps or immigration status document showing your permission to stay in the UK
  3. Your biometric residence permit (if you have one).

If you are required to have your passport/visa scanned but you are unable to attend your allocated session, you should take your documents to the International Student Support Office (Bramber House).

The University has an obligation to tell UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI)  if students holding a Tier 4 visa to study at Sussex do not arrive on time (there will be a latest registration date that the Admissions Office will set for your course).

You should therefore make sure we scan your visa as soon as possible.

*** If you have not provided your details we will assume that you have not arrived and report this to the UKVI. ***

If you extend your visa at any point during your studies, or switch into another immigration category, you must inform us immediately and we will need to take a scan of your new visa.

When should I come to get my passport and visa scanned?

In-person registration will be taking place in Bramber House (second floor). Please make sure you come to the correct session according to your level of study and your course: 


Wednesday 14 September - New full-time undergraduate international students

09:15-11:15 Maths & Physics; Engineering & Informatics;  

11:15-13:15 Business, Management & Economics; Global Studies; Law Politics & Sociology

13:15-15:15 Media, Film & Music; English; History, Art History & Philosophy; Education & Social Work; Foundation Year students

15:15-16:30 Psychology; Lifesciences 


Thursday 15 September - New full-time postgraduate international students

 09.15 -13.00 Business, Management & Economics; Global Studies; Law Politics & Sociology; Maths & Physics; Engineering & Informatics 

13.30 – 16.30  Media, Film & Music; English; History, Art History & Philosophy; IDS; Education & Social Work


Friday 16 September - New full-time postgraduate international students

 09.15 – 12.30 Lifesciences; Psychology; SPRU


Students switching institutions from within the UK (including ISC students)

If you are currently in the UK on a non-Sussex Tier 4 student visa which is tied to another institution (this includes students who have been studying with the International Study Centre) and want to enrol at Sussex, the registration procedures are different. These procedures also apply to people in the UK on a work related visa who then switch into Tier 4 and have a pending application.

If you applied for your current Tier 4 student visa on or after 5 October 2009, this visa will be tied to your previous Tier 4 sponsor, and we will not be able to register you at Sussex on this visa. Before we can enrol you at Sussex, we will need to see proof that you have made an application to the UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) using a University of Sussex CAS. You will need to bring the following documents to registration:

  • if you made a Tier 4 student online application, we need to see the cover sheet from your online visa application showing the submission date. If you made a Tier 4 print and send application we need to see the postage receipt showing the date you posted your application to UKVI.
  • copy of your previous visa so we can see that you submitted the application before your current visa expired. If you submitted the application after your visa expiry date it will not be possible for us to register you.

When you finally receive your Sussex visa from UKVI, we will need to take a copy to complete your registration. If your visa application is ultimately refused, or you made the application after your visa expiry date, it may not be possible for you to remain registered on your current course.

If you applied for your current Tier 4 student visa before 5 October 2009 and you still have leave remaining which you want to use to study at Sussex, please email us and we can advise on the registration process.

If you have a pending immigration appeal for a visa which is tied to another institution we will not be able to register you as your visa will still be tied to that institution.

Please email if you are unclear about any of the above procedures.

Students with a Sussex visa which is about to expire

If you have been studying at Sussex (for example with the Sussex Centre for Language Studies, or if you are progressing from an undergraduate degree to a Masters or a Masters to Masters or Masters to PhD) and you have a Tier 4 student visa which is about to expire, this visa will be tied to your previous course (as well as your Tier 4 sponsor, Sussex).

This means that UKVI would normally expect a student to have made a new Tier 4 visa application, for the new course, before they could be registered. However, UKVI have announced a concession for certain courses starting before 1 November 2017, which is explained in the 'Sponsor Duties' document, paragraph 5.85, of the Tier 4 sponsor guidance.

This means that the following types of students will be allowed to register for their new course on their existing Sussex Tier 4 visa, provided they make the new visa application within 6 weeks of registering, or before their visa expiry date (whichever is sooner):

  • SCLS (pre-sessional) students progressing to undergraduate/masters/PhD course. If you have a Tier 4 visa which covers you for the pre-sessional and main course this does not apply
  • Undergraduate students progressing to a Masters course
  • Postgraduate taught students progressing from a Masters course to either a new Masters course or a PhD course (see below)

UKVI announced in July 2016 that it would now permit Postgraduate taught students who have not yet received confirmation of their degree results to enrol on a new course if they can supply confirmation from the current sponsor that they are highly likely to achieve their award (paragraph 5.26 of the ‘Sponsor Duties’ document). 

Masters students need to obtain formal written confirmation which should state that, based on their performance throughout the course, the sponsor deems that the student is highly likely to complete their course successfully.

Sussex students can request formal written confirmation from the Student Systems and Records Office by contacting Emilie Harris at  However:

  • we will only issue you a letter if we consider that you are highly likely to achieve your award.  You will need to have passed all taught modules in your course and have no further resits or resubmissions.  We may also apply other criteria depending on your circumstances
  • in the event that you do not successfully complete your first course, we will be required to notify UKVI and withdraw your sponsorship. In these circumstances you will have to apply from overseas if you wish to make a Tier 4 application to study a new course

In all the cases above, if you submit your application after your visa expiry date, or you are not in a position to submit a valid application (for example because your finances are not ready), then it may not be possible for you to be registered.

IMPORTANT - other terms and conditions for registration

If you have a pending visa application in any other immigration category we will not be able to register you.

You will need to obtain the visa first (except in the case of a Tier 4 application, see above).

Also, under Sussex policy if you have a work related visa (such as Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 5, Turkish ECAA Businesspersons etc.) you will not be able to register on a full time course of study, and will be permitted to register on part-time courses only (unless you have a pending Tier 4 application).

Furthermore, all visit categories, other than student visitors and child visitors, have a requirement that the applicant does not intend to undertake study in the UK.

Those granted leave on or after 6 September 2012 in a visit category are also subject to a condition prohibiting study. This means that if you enter the UK as a general visitor or a business visitor for example, you will not be able to study and Sussex will not be able to register you on your course. 

If you are in any doubt, contact the immigration advice team on to discuss your case further.