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Q: What happens if my student loan isn’t in my bank by the time I arrive?

If your loan isn’t in your bank account by the time you arrive at the university and you can’t get by financially while you are waiting for it, you should visit the Student Life Centre in Bramber House.

The Funding Team can help you contact Student Finance England to find out why your loan has been delayed, and in emergencies can issue short-term loans to help you get by until your student loan arrives.

Q: I want to get a part-time job, where can I find out about vacancies?

Your first port of call should be the University’s Careers and Employability Centre which has information on all aspects of employment. Alternatively you can check the local papers and the internet for job vacancies.

Please note that the University advises undergraduates not to work longer than 15 hours per week.

If you would like to start browsing their database, please see here

Q:  Can I get some help on how to budget my money effectively?

There is an interactive Budget planner specifically designed to help Sussex applicants and students manage their money more effectively. This will, for instance, help you work out how much you are likely to receive from Student Finance based on your household income and also give you an indication of how much the rent for different rooms are at Sussex. 

Once you have arrived you can also have one-to-one advice on money matters and budgeting at the Student Life Centre. This can be booked on-line through Sussex Direct, or in person at the Student Life Centre in Bramber House.

You can also read the Student Life Centre's top budgeting tips online.

Q: What funding is available on campus if I fall into financial hardship?

There is financial support available to UK and International students who are in hardship, full details can be found on the Student Life Centre website. The Student Life Centre can offer support and advice if you experience any money worries during your time at university.

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