Induction for new students - Starting with us

Wellbeing and support

We understand that starting any new course of study can seem quite overwhelming – even for postgraduate students who are embarking on higher degrees – so we put great effort into ensuring that your first (and future) terms go well and leave you feeling positive and confident.

Student Life Centre

  • feeling alone or struggling to settle in?
  • something bothering you that you need to talk through?
  • confused by University facilities, rules and procedures?
  • concerned about personal issues, need someone to talk to in confidence?
  • unsure how to get where you want to be in your life?

Based at the heart of campus in Bramber House, the Student Life Centre can help you make your way through University successfully, whoever you are and whatever problems you may encounter.

You can also get advice and support on financial issues and money worries by contacting the Student Funding Team, based at the Student Life Centre. Find out more about student funding support.

Student Life Advisers

The Student Life Advisers have the knowledge and experience of all non-academic aspects of the University so they can give guidance to ensure that you can resolve your difficulties.

Student Life Advisors provide one-to-one advice and support on a wide range of issues and, if you need expert help, they can refer you to other services quickly and smoothly.

Whatever the situation, the Student Life Centre will try to help or ensure we direct you to someone else who can!

Based in Bramber House, you can contact the Centre in a number of ways:

Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, for you to drop by or make an appointment to meet a Student Life Advisor at a specific time that suits you via Sussex
Direct. Alternatively, you can contact the Centre by phone, text or email.

+44 (0)1273 876767

University Counselling Service

Our University Counselling Service team provide a free and confidential service to all Sussex students.

Issues may range from academic difficulties to emotional, sexual, family and mental health concerns, as these may arise during the normal stress of student life.

Everyone contacting the Unit is offered an initial 30-minute interview at which problems and therapy options are discussed.

Individual and group counselling, as well as cognitive behavioural therapy, eating disorder and substance misuse programmes, are included in the range of interventions offered.

Workshops on Stress Management, Understanding Depression and Being Confident run throughout the year.

For more information call us on +44(0)1273 678156 or email

Student Mentors

Student mentors are second year and third year undergraduate and postgraduate students who are here to help you succeed in your studies and to make the most of your time here at Sussex.

There are mentors from each school and they have been trained to offer students advice and support on a
range of issues:

  • if you’re feeling lost and unsure during the early months of university life
  • if you want to talk through how to manage your time or improve your study skills
  • if you want to be referred on to the most appropriate source of support
  • if you need help finding your way around the library or any part of the Sussex website.

Dyslexia, disability, mental health and ASD support

The Student Support Unit is the base for the University’s dyslexia, disability, mental health and ASD support services, offering advice and assistance to students with additional support needs.

Based in Bramber House, the Student Support Unit is open from 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-4pm on Fridays.

+44 (0)1273 877466


On campus, we have a:

Students' Union

The Students’ Union has a support and advocacy team who provide free, independent and confidential information, advice and representation for all students.

If you need to talk to someone about an issue with the University, they should be your first stop. If you feel there’s a problem brewing, don’t hesitate to get some advice. 

The Students’ Union also works to improve the university learning experience and helps to ensure that students get the best facilities, support and treatment possible.

The Student Reps scheme ensures that student concerns, views and opinions are heard and acted upon, offering students the chance to have a genuine impact within the University. 

If you have any questions about the Students’ Union or Freshers’ Week, check out the Students' Union website or email the Students’ Union at 

Faith and spirituality

You can use the Chaplaincy Meeting House whether or not you identify with a faith community. It is the base for religious representatives working on campus and an excellent place to relax on your own or with others.


We also have a Muslim Student Centre and a Muslim prayer facility on campus.