Induction for new students - Starting with us

Your family and Sussex

Your family and friends back home will be an important support for you while you settle into life at University.

The Sussex Family Programme will help them feel involved in life at Sussex, keeping them in touch with University news and events, and giving them practical information such as term dates and places to stay in Brighton and the surrounding area.

Termly e-newsletter

Each term we produce an email newsletter with news from the University, important dates for your family’s diaries and other information that they may need to know.

Invitations to special Sussex events

Your family can expect invitations to a variety of special events on campus, in London and around the world. Find out more about what’s going on by visiting the Events webpage.

The chance to support Sussex students

Through the Sussex Fund, your family may wish to support student hardship, scholarships and bursaries, and make a difference for someone like you.

Hotel list

If your family are looking for somewhere to stay the night after dropping you off, see the University’s approved hotel list, with specially negotiated rates. The list is managed by the Family Programme team.