Induction for new students - Starting with us

When you arrive

Most new students will arrive on Saturday 10 or Sunday 11 September. If you are arriving over this weekend, you can be sure of finding a whole host of people to welcome you to your new home.

Things to do when you arrive

1. Find your bearings

We have four welcome teams working across campus, with the Red Team (run by the Students' Union) helping you find out about all of the events that the Students' Union are running. Additionally, we have the Torquoise Team who will be around to answer any questions and help you find your way around campus, the Blue Team who will be supporting International students and the Black Team who are Residential Advisors here to help you settle in to your new University accommodation.

2. Collect your Student ID card

This gives you Library access and entitles you to student discounts (you will have been given the location for collecting your card when completing online registration).

NOTE: If you were unable to complete online registration before arriving, then you will not be able to collect your Student ID card until you have completed in-person registration.

3. Register with the University Health Centre and dentist surgery

The helpful doctors and nurses at the University Health Centre will make sure you get the best treatment if you ever need it. If you haven't been able to register online before you arrive you can still register when you get to Sussex. Also see our advice on creating a health action plan.

4. Attend the induction activities

Keep an eye on your Welcome Events calendar on the SussexMobile app or the Sussex website to make sure you don't miss out on any compulsory sessions (they're good for you, honest). Your school will also be arranging some social activities which will appear on the same calendar. 

5. Check out the Freshers' Fair and other events

Your Students' Union has been working through the summer to design and plan a whole host of activities for your first week on campus. At the Freshers' Fair, you can sign up for all sorts of clubs and societies, find out about part-time jobs and even get some freebies. Visit the Students' Union's site for the full programme.

6. Attend some of the Sussex Signpost events

Throughout your first week at Sussex, we'll be holding a number of signposting events on topics such as personal security, finding work, and tips on living away from home, designed to help you settle in to life at Sussex. You can just drop in to whichever sessions you want to attend.

7. Get online

If you have any problems accessing the Sussex network when you arrive you can drop into IT Services in Lancaster House common room at the following times:

  • Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September - 12 noon - 7pm
  • Monday 12 - Friday 16 September - 9am - 7pm

You can also see our guidance on getting online.

8. Download our app and follow us on Twitter

Our Sussex Mobile app is available for free on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices and as a web-based interface. It provides easy access to lots of useful information, such as your personalised timetable, your Sussex emails, printing, and assessment and feedback on your studies.

Follow our @SusxUniStudents Twitter account and the Students' Union's @USSU feed to get updates, news and events specifically for you as a Sussex student. Look out for the #sussexfreshers hashtag! 

9. Have a look at the Students' Union's top tips

Take a look at the Students' Union's tips for other things to do once you've arrived.

When you arrive

Student Ambassadors

Our friendly Welcome Teams will be happy to help you find your bearings when you arrive!