Joint-honours information for 2016 entry

Research Project

Module 708GR

Module details for 2016/17.

60 credits

FHEQ Level 7 (Masters)

Module Outline

The research project provides students with the opportunity to complete under expert one-on-one supervision an extended piece of research and writing on a topic of their choosing relevant to the course themes. The project will employ appropriate research methodologies and involve theoretical and empirical work developed through the course, and directed reading supported by specialist supervision. The project will be 12,000 words in length and will involve either desk-based or original empirical study. In week eight, students will give a 20-minute presentation in the style of an academic paper, detailing their research question, methodology and initial analysis and conclusions, gaining both instant verbal and subsequent detailed written feedback. Students will show an awareness of how to apply geographical methods and knowledge to the study of natural and/or human processes as appropriate. Moving beyond the topic explored in the thesis undertaken in stage 3, it is expected that initial work on the project will start at the beginning of the academic year, before formal project planning is assessed at the end of the autumn term in either Critical Approaches in Human Geography (MArts) or Research Advances in Physical Geography (MSci). The research project will be written up as a journal article as if targeting a specific academic publication, identified in conjunction with the project supervisor.

Module learning outcomes

Plan, develop and execute a substantial piece of independent, original research.

Identify, review and synthesise information from a diverse variety of sources, demonstrating a critical understanding.

Critically evaluate and apply appropriate intellectual and practical skills and methodologies to acquire, analyse and present complex datasets.

Effectively communicate the results of the research project in scholarly written, verbal and visual forms, and to a variety of audiences, to a professional standard.

Develop creative and innovative approaches to tackling and solving problems, demonstrating self-direction and originality.

Dissertation (12000 words)Semester 2 Assessment Week 1 Thu 16:0090.00%
Coursework components. Weighted as shown below.
PresentationT2 Week 9 (20 minutes)100.00%

Submission deadlines may vary for different types of assignment/groups of students.


Coursework components (if listed) total 100% of the overall coursework weighting value.

Ms Catherine Senger

Assess convenor

Miss Priyanka Patel

Assess convenor

Miss Emilia Roycroft

Assess convenor

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