Student handbook

Welcome to the University of Sussex

Studying at university is one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding things you will ever do.  We are delighted that you have chosen Sussex for this experience.

At Sussex, our aim is to provide a stimulating environment, state-of-the-art resources, and a curriculum designed to help you gain the skills and experience to enable you to fulfil your potential. 

We know that most of you can manage most challenges most of the time.  If there are times or issues where you need specific guidance or support, this Handbook will provide a quick guide to services, how to access them and what to do when things go wrong. 

This handbook also outlines important regulations, legal issues and other essential matters. You are agreeing to abide by these by becoming a student here so do have a look at this.

We shall contact you via your Sussex email address. It’s really important that you check this regularly.  Also, our Sussex Mobile app is a great way to keep up with news, updates and reminders.

This is your chance to challenge and stretch yourself, to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds, countries and cultures and to build the foundations for your success.

Good luck for your future with us.

Jayne Aldridge

Director for the Student Experience

Student handbook download

Student Handbook 2018-19 [DOCX 100.94KB]