Student Life Centre

Change of degree

Find out how to transfer courses or apply for exemption from a year abroad.

Transferring to a different course

You may be able to transfer to a different course if there are still places available. 

You will need to talk to: 

  • your academic adviser
  • a student life adviser. 

Your academic adviser will discuss any academic concerns you may have, and a student life adviser can help you if you have personal reasons for wanting to transfer.

The transfer process

When you have decided you want to transfer to a different course, you should: 

  • go to your school office and find out who administers the transfer process
  • collect a transfer form and get the relevant signatures. If you're changing schools, you'll need signatures from your current head of school or nominee and your prospective school
  • fill in the form and tell us why you want to transfer - you should research the course you want to take and give good reasons for changing degree.

If you're an international student, see how changing your course might affect your visa.

Exemption from a year abroad

If you're happy on your course, but it includes a year abroad that you want exemption from, you should:

  • see your Year Abroad tutor and discuss what you need to do to request exemption
  • speak to the International and Study Abroad Office to see if exemption will affect your degree title.