Student Life Centre


The Student Life Centre (SLC) and the Student Support Unit (SSU) have moved to a new base in Bramber House

.Although the two units are coming together in one location, the services offered and the ways in which they are delivered will remain unchanged.

The Student Life Centre plays a key role in ensuring that Sussex is a supportive and empowering environment for students. The SLC provides information, guidance, referrals and resources to enhance student transition to and progress through the University.

The Student Support Unit is a team of specialist advisors who support students on the autistic spectrum and those with long-term conditions such as Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. AD(H)D, dyslexia, dyspraxia) and mental-health issues.

Drop-ins for sexual health (X-card and STI testing), counselling, LGBTQ welfare, legal highs, etc. will continue at their usual times in the new location at Bramber House. The Student Wellbeing service will move to the Health Centre annexe next to the Pharmacy.

The Student Life Centre offers information and advice to all Sussex Students.  Our aim is to help you to gain the best university experience you can, whatever your circumstances, by ensuring if you run into problems you get appropriate guidance and support.

Student Evaluation Report

Each year since opening in 2010, the Student Life Centre has surveyed users of the service in order to help assess how the SLC is meeting its objectives and to identify areas for improvement

This year we expanded our annual student survey in terms of both questions asked and the collection methods, we employed Survey monkey, offered a prize and an incentive and encouraged participation via Facebook and at our foyer computers for the first time. The survey replicated the questions asked in previous years, so we have comparative data and included new questions focusing on different areas of the SLC’s activity.

Student Evaluation Report [PDF 807.93KB]


T 01273 87 6767
F 01273 87 3344

Student Life Centre, Bramber House, University of Sussex, BN1 9QU

To book an appointment

You can book an appointment through your Sussex Direct page. If you click on the 'Study' tab you will find an option to select 'Student Life' then 'Student Life Centre', by clicking here you will be able to book yourself in for an appointment to suit your timetable.

You can also book by email:

by phone:

01273 876767

Or in person at the Student Life Centre, Bramber House, Monday to Friday 9-5pm

Extra term-time services

  • XCards - Sign up for free condoms - Wednesday and Thursday 1-2pm
  • Counselling drop-in - Wednesday 4-5pm
  • XCard and welfare drop-in for LGBTQ - Mondays 4-6pm
  • Drugs and Alcohol Counselling drop-in - Monday 12-1pm

Student Life Centre Budget planner

The Student Life Centre Budget planner has been specifically designed to help Students at Sussex (or for Students who plan to come to Sussex) manage their money more effectively.

If you need any assistance filling this in, or want any help budgeting or managing your money, Katy Viflic, Student Money Coordinator will be happy to see you in a 1:1 budgeting session, which you can book through Sussex Direct.