Student Life Centre

The Vice-Chancellor's Loan

Please note: In line with Government advice, the University is recommending against all but essential travel. This means that Vice-Chancellor Loans will be unavailable at this time. We are working hard to maintain our core services and are still able to process Welfare Loan requests.


Vice-Chancellor's Loan (VC Loan)

  • What is it? The VC Loan is a cash loan intended to cover an immediate and pressing need for cash. The money could be for a train ticket if you have to make an urgent unplanned visit home, or to buy food for the week because you have lost your wallet. It is not intended to help pay rent or other regular bills.
  • Who is eligible? Any student who is registered with the university and who does not have an outstanding debt to the university may apply (UG / PG / Home / EU / Overseas). Your registration status must also be “Registered” or “Prov” or on a pre-submission registration status. Any other registration status is not eligible.

NOTE: Students who owe the university money are not eligible for the full loan. If you owe money for rent or fees and have missed a payment, or have an outstanding library fine for instance you will not be able to borrow from the university.

  • How do I apply? You will need to visit the Student Life Centre in Bramber House. Ask the staff member at the counter about a VC loan.
  • How much can I borrow? VC Loans are limited to £200.
  • Do I have to be on campus? Yes, as you will need to apply in person at the Student Life Centre, and pick up the cash from the cashiers in Sussex House.
  • How do I get the money? Following a successful interview at the Student Life Centre you will be given a form to give to the Cashiers in Student Accounts (in Sussex House) and they will issue the cash.

NOTE: the Cashiers are open from 10am – 4pm: you can’t get the money outside of these hours.

  • How and when do I pay it back? Part of the loan interview will be the agreement of a repayment date. Normally we would expect repayment within a month. Repayment can be made online by visiting your Sussex Direct Finance page, over the phone on 0800 849 4979 or in person at Student Accounts (Sussex House)
  • If you wish to repay your Vice Chancellor’s loan by cash you will need to do the following:

    • Visit the Barclays Bank University of Sussex branch, on campus
    • At the counter tell the bank cashier that you wish to deposit cash into the ‘University of Sussex’ bank account.
    • You will be asked to provide your name and student registration number, to help us identify your payment.
    • You will be given a receipt.  Please email a copy to  Please include your student registration number in the subject line of the email.  Failure to email this information may delay the payment showing on your student account.