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First-Generation Scholar's Scheme

The financial support element of our First-Generation Scholars scheme is targeted to help students who come from relatively low income families. We have set the eligibility threshold for financial support at the highest level possible. This support from Sussex will be additional to the loans available to students directly from Government.

What is the First-Generation Scholars Scheme?

The First Generation Scholars Scheme is for students on the £9,250+ fee regimes.

Full Details of the financial benefits and eligibility criteria can be found here.

The scheme also offers non-financial benefits, which can be viewed at the Careers and Employability Centre.

How do I apply?

There is no formal application procedure for the First-Generation Scholars Scheme. When you apply for your grant and loan funding from Student Finance you will need to ensure that you and your sponsors (normally your parents) consent to share your household income with the University. The University then receive this information automatically from Student Finance and automatically generate your award

How will I know I have the award?

You will receive a letter from Student Finance England with details of the award.

How is it paid?

In the first year of your study, the award is paid in two instalments of £1,000 by the Student Loans Company on behalf of the University. This will be paid into the same bank account as your loan and the payments are due in November and March. 

In subsequent years the award is paid in two instalments of £500.

The Year Abroad Award is also paid  in two instalments of £1,500 and the payments are made in September and March.

The Travel Award is paid in one installment of £400 at the beginning of the first term.

If I am eligible, why haven't I received the award?

Please Contact The Student Funding Team 

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