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Care Leavers Award for Students Who Started in 2019

The award will be paid in three instalments per year, £1,000 per term in October, January and April. Students in their first year of study will receive an additional £500 in the first term.

Exit Award:
Once you have completed your degree and the result has been published a £1,000 exit award will be made.

Type of award



£3,000 per year with an additional £500 in your first year of study.

A £1,000 exit award will be paid to all students who complete their degree sucessfully.


To be eligible for the award you need to:

  • have been in UK care for at least 13 weeks since your 14th birthday
  • to be studying on your first undergraduate degree
  • be under 25 when you start the course
  • have ticked the 'in care' box on your UCAS form     


    19 June 2020 0:00 (GMT)    

How to apply

The University's Care Leaver Coordinator will contact you with a short questionnaire you need to return to enable us to check your eligibility for the award.

If you are eligible the award will be paid automatically and you will not need to apply.


Please contact the University's Care Leaver Coordinator.

Contact us

The University’s Care Leaver Coordinator is:

Melinda Lowing Retention and Progression Manager

Student Experience

Essex House 238

University of Sussex




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For more information about the support available to care leavers please visit


The payments will be made at the start of each term: October, January and April.