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A range of financial support is available from both the University of Sussex and the Government to help you afford to study, no matter what your circumstances. We are committed to supporting students, irrespective of their financial background. With means-tested awards available alongside expert financial advice and guidance, we aim to offer the best practical help and support possible to ensure you are able to make the most of your time at Sussex.

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Warning: Don’t take out a payday loan!

We understand that while being a student it can be difficult to stretch your limited funds to cover all of your outgoings. A payday loan is never a good option because they have incredibly high interest rates and can rapidly lead to debt that spirals out of control.

If you are considering a payday loan, then think again, because the Student Life Centre can provide a range of support to help students out when money gets tight.

A Vice Chancellors Loan is a small interest free loan of up to £100 that any student can get providing they do not owe more than this amount of money to the University.

If Student Finance or your sponsor is late in making payments to you, you can borrow up to £400 interest free, through a Late Maintenance Loan.

We administer Hardship Funds which can provide grants to students who find themselves in unforeseen financial hardship.

The Student Life Centre offers 1-2-1 money advice where we can help you to budget and plan to keep on top of your finances. All discussions are confidential and information will not be shared with your academic department or any other area of the university.

So if you find yourself considering a payday loan, stop, and come to the Student Life Centre where we can provide you with a range of support to help you though this rough patch. 


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