Staff survey

2018 staff survey: dignity and respect

To address bullying and harassment an institutional action group is overseeing consultation on the introduction of a new Dignity and Respect policy.

The draft policy includes a raft of proactive actions including an expanded training programme and other interventions such as the introduction of Dignity Champions across the University.

The draft consultation is really important because the new Dignity and Respect policy:

  • Concerns everyone in our University community: staff, students and visitors
  • Is aspirational as well as protective
  • Replaces the Bullying and Harassment Policy for staff.

Your input into the Dignity and Respect policy consultation is crucial.

The consultation will run until the end of June. We will then share with you what was said during the consultation and how that changes the draft policy. The new policy will be introduced in September, in time for the new academic year.

Please take the time to read the draft policy and feed back your views during the consultation period so that the final policy reflects the views and opinions of all our community.

We know from the recent staff survey that many colleagues do not feel confident to speak up on issues like this and so I have arranged a number of different ways for you to feed in to the consultation.

  • JOIN a listening group to share your views and ideas about the draft policy.  We have engaged an external consultant – Heather Paver - to host these groups and feedback your views. As an independent coach and facilitator she is looking to ensure we create a safe space for colleagues to speak openly and honestly, without concern that their identity will be shared with the University. Contact Helen Kalkbrenner – – to arrange to join one of Heather’s listening groups, on your own or with a colleague, on Tuesday 28 May, Wednesday 29 May, Wednesday 19 June, or Thursday 20 June. There are also some 1-to-1 slots with Heather on those days if that is what you’d prefer. 
  • EMAIL your feedback directly to This inbox has been set up especially for this consultation.
    Responses will only be accessed by Heather and she will pass on the comments but not the identities of those who contribute.
  • JOIN a CHUCL feedback session. The Changing Universities Culture (CHUCL) team will contact you about this if you contributed to their original research.
  • FEED BACK via your line manager, EDI Champion or Union rep.
  • CONTACT Heather Paver directly via if you really don’t feel comfortable providing input through the University channels set out above.

You may find these five questions useful for structuring your feedback.

  1. Are you clear about the aim and purpose of this policy?
  2. Does the policy help you understand what dignity and respect looks like in practice?
  3. Are you clear about your role in promoting dignity and respect in the University?
  4. Are you clear about what to do if behaviour that breaches this policy is identified?
  5. What are you views about the new Dignity Champion role proposed as part of the implementation of the policy?  Who should they be, how should they operate?