Research and knowledge exchange

Strategic Competition

The first ever strategic competition for substantial investment in a research programme was initiated by Sussex Research in 2014.

The aim of the Strategic Competition was to identify a key interdisciplinary research programme into which substantial investment could be made. The investment will create a world-leading research programme which considerably enhances Sussex’s international reputation. The purpose of the competition was to create a critical mass in a particular area across a range of disciplines which would place the University in an exceptionally strong position with regard to securing external funding. 

The two Research Programmes that received investment from the Strategic Competition are:


Led by Professor Caroline Bassett, the Sussex Humanities Lab vision is to ensure that information scientists and literary theorists, media scholars, designers, and practitioners, social scientists and historians, collaborate to serve the fundamental roles of humanities research - to explore the human condition and its evolution, and the social and material worlds we make. We wish to make the humanities fit for purpose in a digital age.

To find out more about SHL visit their website.  


Professor Joseph Alcamo is the Director of the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme.  Building on distinctive Sussex strengths in multi-disciplinary sustainability research and policy engagement, the programme will address complex socio-economic, technical and environmental challenges and develop problem-focused research across disciplines in the natural and social sciences. It will enhance both the understanding of complex sustainability challenges and the approaches through which more sustainable development pathways can be negotiated.  SSRP will also create a new global sustainability hub at Sussex to foster strategic international partnerships and act as a source of cutting-edge scientific and policy advice and information to governments, funders, industry and non-governmental organisations.

To find out more about SSRP visit their website.