Research and knowledge exchange

Guidelines for costing your application

Funding can be used for travel, accommodation and incidental and specific research expenses. Given the range of possible locations for visits, award values will vary but the expected maximum value is £5,000. We require a full breakdown and justification of costs in the application. The award panel will expect value for money for this investment of internal funds.

Overseas travel

You should use Key Travel to book all air travel and as many other overseas services as practicable. They can give you a quote for flights and often accommodation.

For indicative flight costs, you can use Skyscanner or eDreams. You should use a mid-range economy price rather than the cheapest, as airfares will fluctuate.


The University’s expenses policy recommends a maximum daily limit of £60 per 24hr period for meals. For accommodation the university reccomends £100 for standard locations and £200 for high cost locations, such as major cities, depending on the typical cost of three star accommodation. Staff are expected to be able to demonstrate and evidence good value for money judgements when deciding on an appropriate cost of accommodation.

If funded, you need to keep all your receipts and submit an out-of-pocket expense claims. Find out how to submit out-of-pocket expenses claims.


You don't need to cost travel insurance into your application.

The University has a Business Travel Insurance Policy which covers all staff and research postgraduates travelling abroad on University business, or within the UK where the trip involves an overnight stay.

Find out about travel insurance here


As the visa requirements for visiting academics in each country vary you may wish to obtain advice from the host institution you plan to visit.

Fees charged by the host institution

The application budget should include any fees charged by the host institution.

Where applicable, applicants are encouraged to apply for relevant external funds to match those provided by this fund, and hence extend the period of the visit.

In some cases partner institutions may have internal funding schemes to which applicants can apply. 

Other funding and expenses

Funding will not be provided for conference attendance or independent fieldwork.

For visits of a long duration, research expenses necessary to cultivate the partnership may be provided up to a maximum of £1,000.

Requests for funds from this scheme should not be a substitute for requests for a normal School personal research allowance.

Teaching replacement is an ineligible cost.