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Research participants wanted

18 December 2018

Looking for ME/CFS and/or Fibromyalgia patients and healthy volunteers to take part in research seeking to understand the biological and physical mechanisms of chronic pain and fatigue. You will be reimbursed and receive a copy of your brain scan. To find out more, please download the Participant info sheets below. ME/CFS and/or Fibromyalgia participants: Healthy participant:

If you are interested, please contact us on or call Dr Kristy Themelis for further information on +44 (0)1273 873121.

9 September 2018

Do you want a copy of your brain scan? Are you flexible? Can you help us find out how brain and body interact? Click to see if you are flexible and for more information: This study has been approved by the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Research Governance and Ethics Committee v1 28/03/2017

3 August 2018

***We all age, but why do some of us age better than others?*** We run studies on healthy ageing to try and answer this question. To be added to our database of potential participants, to be contacted when we recruit volunteers, please email me (including your name and age). We have a number of studies ongoing at any time, which may include brain scans or cognitive testing. However, there is no requirement to take part if we contact you advertising a particular study.

Rebecca Atkinson Department of Psychology

These University of Sussex research projects contribute to the University's role in conducting research and teaching research methods. If you choose to participate in any research project, your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time.