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Research participants wanted

8 December 2021

Interested in neuroscience and autism research? We are looking for participants for 2 online surveys with a chance of winning a voucher. 1) Is camouflaging/masking behaviour in autistic adults related to age of diagnosis? For this study, we are recruiting autistic adults over 18 years. 2) What is the relationship between creativity and neurodivergent traits? For this study, we are recruiting anyone interested over 18 years old. You can register interest in either study through the link below.

5 July 2021

Aberrant patterns of brain activity contribute to the progression of early Alzheimer’s Disease. We are looking for healthy adults aged 18-30 OR 45-64 years to participate in research investigating the impact of brain activity on memory performance across the lifespan. First, you will be asked to provide an inner-cheek swab so we can check which copies of a genetic risk factor for dementia you carry. After this, you may or may not be invited to phase 2 which includes an MRI brain scan.

Dr Claire Lancaster;

22 February 2021

The COVID Generosity Project We are researchers from Sussex University in the Department of Sociology, researching the topic of generosity and human giving during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our project focuses on giving and receiving as well as the relevance of generosity to a post COVID world. Visit to find out more about the project or contact Liz at

Dr Liz McDonnell -

These University of Sussex research projects contribute to the University's role in conducting research and teaching research methods. If you choose to participate in any research project, your participation is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time.