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National Student Survey (NSS) review in England

The Office for Students is currently reviewing the National Student Survey (NSS) in England.  The review is being conducted to help reduce the bureaucratic burden whilst ensuring the NSS remains an important indicator of students’ opinions and experiences.

A key part of the review is the engagement with the following key stakeholders:

  • student union sabbatical officers and staff members 
  • academics or lecturers 
  • senior managers  
  • academic administrators who interact with the NSS 

Sussex staff who are involved with the NSS process and delivery at Sussex are invited to share their views on how the NSS could be reformed via the NSS Review Survey.

The Office for Students is particularly keen to understand colleagues’ views on the following:

  • the potential burden the NSS may place on higher education providers 
  • any unintended consequences of the NSS on provider behavior 
  • whether the NSS can give reliable data on the student perspective without a universal annual sample  
  • the extent to which the NSS should continue to be published 
  • how the NSS can remain robust over time  

Colleagues can read more about the review at the Office for Students’ website.  

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By: Harvey Atkinson
Last updated: Friday, 23 October 2020

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