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Information for Sodexo childcare voucher scheme members

In view of the closure of many nurseries and childcare providers within the last week, for many members, your current childcare voucher deduction amount may be more than you need at the current time.

Should you wish to change the value of the childcare vouchers you receive, please log into your Sodexo account and request any changes to your voucher deduction amount by midnight on Wednesday 1 April 2020. Requests received by the deadline will be actioned in time for the change to be reflected in your April 2020 salary payment.

The minimum voucher deduction to remain an active member of the scheme is £5 per month; should you wish to suspend your vouchers entirely you need to request zero deductions in your account. However, you should be aware that government rules state that:

1. Employees currently in the childcare voucher scheme can temporarily cease their deduction. They have a 12-month window to re-join the scheme provided they did not join the government’s Tax Free Childcare (TFC) in the meantime.

2. Employees who have been in the scheme within the last 12 months, but are currently not receiving vouchers, will have until 11 months after their deductions stopped to re-join, provided they did not join TFC in the meantime.

If you request zero, we will assume that you wish to suspend payments. Please note that you will need to diarise when to request to re-join the scheme bearing in mind the restrictions on re-joining the scheme outlined above, e.g. by 28 February 2021 if you are ceasing deductions with effect from April’s payroll.

If you actually wish to leave the Sodexo scheme you will need to make that clear in your request via your account when requesting zero.

March childcare voucher deductions were actioned early in March, prior to the unprecedented turn of events that we are all experiencing. That deduction had already been made prior to any nurseries closing due to the government rules in response to the coronavirus pandemic and cannot be changed, unfortunately. Therefore, the deduction will be reflected in your March salary payment.

Any vouchers already credited to your Sodexo account can, of course, be used at a later date to pay for childcare when you need it in the future. The vouchers will remain in your account should you close it too, again, to be used at a later date. However, you are able to request a refund from Payroll should you need to. Any refund of childcare vouchers requested will be applied to a future salary payment, i.e. April or beyond.

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By: Sean Armstrong
Last updated: Friday, 27 March 2020