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New Director of IT Services takes up post

15 January 2014

Paul Davies took up his appointment as the new Director of IT Services on 6 January.

Revised webpage for University’s Research Centres

15 January 2014

A revised webpage showcasing the University’s Research Centres went live today.

New Lead Chaplain starts work

13 January 2014

Revd Chris McDermott has started as Lead Chaplain, following his appt in Nov "to provide a focus for the spiritual life of the Uni community".

Sussex Social Work celebrates year of unprecedented league table success

23 December 2013

The Department of Social Work and Social Care rounded off 2013 by celebrating their unprecedented success in multiple league tables this year.

Sussex submits planning application for campus masterplan

20 December 2013

The University of Sussex has submitted the formal planning application for a revised masterplan to cover the future development of campus.

Sussex Estates and Facilities takes up its new role on 1 January

20 December 2013

Sussex Estates and Facilities - the new partnership between Interserve and the University – takes up its responsibilities on 1 Jan.

Sussex researchers part of project about improving life with dementia

12 December 2013

Researchers on a new project will investigate how social and psychological factors affect the way in which people adapt to dementia.

Non-drinkers seen as ‘the lucky ones’ in study of student drinking

3 December 2013

Students who don't drink in social situations are perceived by others to be more socially competent than those who drink, Sussex research reveals.

Sussex scientist honoured as pioneer in her field by top women’s magazine

3 December 2013

Professor Louise Serpell has been named as one of Red Magazine's women of the year.

A gene mutation for excessive alcohol drinking found

26 November 2013

Sussex researchers are among a team of UK scientists who have discovered a gene that, when faulty, can cause excessive drinking.

Items 1431 to 1440 of 1465

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