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Horses can read human emotions, Sussex research shows

10 February 2016

For the first time horses have been shown to be able to distinguish between angry and happy human facial expressions.

A fifth of car fuel-efficiency savings are eroded by increased driving

9 February 2016

Around a fifth of the energy-saving benefits of fuel-efficient cars are eroded because people end up driving them more.

"I never knew we had so many crafty staff..."

8 February 2016

Monday's Crafty Staff Fair proved a hit with staff and students, with the Meeting House quiet room thronged at points over lunchtime.

Please fill out the Staff Active Survey

8 February 2016

All staff are encouraged to fill out the Staff Active Survey before it closes on 1 March.

Sixth round of the Research Development Fund launched today

8 February 2016

The Research Development Fund is designed to develop activities enabling substantive external research proposals.

Harvard professor delivers prestigious annual Marie Jahoda lecture

5 February 2016

SPRU was honoured to host Harvard's Professor Dani Rodrik, one of the greatest current thinkers on globalization and economic growth.

Official launch of SPRU’s 50th anniversary

5 February 2016

There was a marvellous start to SPRU's 50th anniversary year, with a launch event and the annual Marie Jahoda lecture.

Going the extra mile to support women in STEM

5 February 2016

Dr Luc Berthouze is hoping to address the inequality gap by running the 2016 Brighton Marathon to raise funds for a brand new scholarship.

Obituary: John Murrell

4 February 2016

Professor John Murrell FRS, a distinguished theoretical chemist, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Science), and three times Dean, has died at the age of 83.

Helping students think and adapt their way into work

3 February 2016

Professor of Molecular Virology, Alison Sinclair, outlines some of the steps she has taken to embed employability skills in her teaching.

Items 1 to 10 of 868

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