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University council member opens international physics conference

1 September 2015

Leading physicists from around the globe are at the University of Sussex this week to discuss the latest developments in atomic and quantum physics.

Technology anthropologist and sound artist team up for major digital festival commission

28 August 2015

A technology anthropologist and a sound artist from Sussex have collaborated on a ‘major commission’ for the UK’s biggest digital festival.

Sussex researcher finds children have better manners than robots

27 August 2015

A group of children proved they had better manners than a robot as they tried to program it to move and react to touch at the University of Sussex.

Sussex scientists bring the art of touch to the Tate

25 August 2015

The Tate Britain gallery in London - with University of Sussex scientists - is this week starting an experiment with art that engages all our senses

University commemorates Lord Attenborough with giant picture show

24 August 2015

The face of Richard Attenborough beamed across campus this weekend to commemorate the first anniversary of the actor and film director’s death.

Expanded Internal Communications team for Sussex

21 August 2015

Two new members of staff have joined the Internal Communications team at Sussex, working on staff and student communications.

Sussex to showcase virtual reality and high-tech comics at Brighton Digital Festival

21 August 2015

Sussex staff will be delving into virtual reality and digital comics at Brighton Digital Festival next month.

Design of new Computing, Robotics, Electronics and Mechatronics Centre takes shape

21 August 2015

The new CREaM Centre in Engineering and Informatics will contain facilities for practical and computing-based activity.

SPRU project to investigate resilience and vulnerability at the urban Nexus

20 August 2015

A new ESRC-funded project in SPRU will investigate resilience and vulnerability at the urban nexus of food, water, energy and the environment.

Sussex among the best 200 in the world, shows new ranking

15 August 2015

The University of Sussex has been named as one of the world's top 200 universities.

Items 1 to 10 of 695

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