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Sussex Humanities Lab enters a new development phase

A secure budgetary settlement has been confirmed for the Sussex Humanities Lab (SHL), which will support the Lab’s research programme in the Digital Humanities for the next three years to August 2022. The lab has been tasked with achieving sustainability over this period so that its long term future can be secured.

Provost Professor Saul Becker said: “I am delighted that we are now moving into the next phase of the development of the SHL. The lab is an excellent example of the Sussex commitment to interdisciplinarity, experimentation, creativity, analysis, debate and rigour. I look forward to seeing the lab go from strength to strength.”

Professor Tim Hitchcock - who will serve as Acting Director for the academic year 2019-2020 – said: “This is a moment to renew the project of speaking across the disciplines and finding new ways of collaborating. It is a moment to renew our commitment to making good things happen.”

With a strong success in bid capture and in developing interdisciplinarity work SHL members will now expand their research into how digital technologies are shaping our world. From September 2019 five lecturers will continue to work between ESW, HAHP, MFM, and SHL.

In addition, eight SHL research fellows will be based in English, Informatics & Engineering, MFM, ESW and the Library. During this second phase of SHL an expanded membership model has been designed to bring together a dynamic network of people from across the university to work collaboratively on digital humanities research projects. 

The settlement means the SHL can further develop a diverse programme of activities open to all scholars across the University and beyond, and can continue to develop the facilities and support networks to enable digital humanities possibilities to be explored across a full range of disciplines.

SHL Co-founder and former Director, Caroline Bassett, said “We have come a long way in our first four years, establishing a distinctive and influential form of digital humanities, and building a team that really understands how to work together. It’s a brilliant platform from which to launch the ‘next’ SHL.” Caroline has taken up a new post at Cambridge University where she will lead Cambridge Digital Humanities.

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By: Kate Malone
Last updated: Tuesday, 8 October 2019