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End-of-term surveys for students now open

What is the format of the survey?

The survey is in two parts with the first section focussed on modules. Students are asked to let us know how satisfied they were with the modules studied the previous term. Free text comments on the modules is also invited for them to provide more detail.

The second section of the questionnaire is more focussed on satisfaction and engagement, like the National Student Survey (NSS).

The complete list of questions for each term are available on the End-of-term surveys questions webpage

What about finalists and PGT students?

Undergraduate final-year students eligible for the NSS will be invited to complete only the first module-focussed section of the survey as they will be contacted separately by an external agency to take part in the NSS.

Likewise, postgraduate taught (PGT) students will be able to complete only the first section of the Sussex questionnaire.

When will the survey be open?

The T1 survey will be open from Monday 3 December to midnight on 31 December 2018.

Following the close of the T1 survey, staff in School Offices will have the opportunity to vet students' free-text comments, and Module Convenors will then be able to give feedback to the students' responses. 

Further information on this process is available on the End-of-term guidance for staff webpage.

How will students complete the survey?

Students will complete the survey online via Sussex Direct by accessing their Study Pages tab and then selecting the  End of Term Surveys tab. Guidance has been produced for students on the process, which is available on the End-of-term guidance for students webpage.

How will survey results be disseminated?

Module satisfaction results will be available in Sussex Direct, much like MEQ results were before. Module convenors are encouraged to provide comments on the results in order to close the feedback loop.

Analysis of the second section of the survey will be undertaken and shared with Schools by the Planning Team. 

What do Schools need to do?

Schools should remind students that the End of Term survey will be available to complete in Sussex Direct and encourage them to take part perhaps allocating a short time at the end of a teaching session to do this.

School Office staff and Module Convenors should familiarise themselves with the process using the guidance for staff.

We continue to encourage Module Convenors to gather informal mid-module feedback which in many cases can enable issues to be addressed and resolved for students immediately, thus enhancing their experience. A number of schools already undertake this practice and would be happy to share their experiences. There are some useful suggestions for tools that can used on the ADQE webpages

Where is further information available?

Further information about the process, including the timeline and the questions used per term, are available on the ADQE webpages.

If you have any further questions, you can contact Clare Wolstenholme in ADQE.

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By: Clare Wolstenholme
Last updated: Monday, 3 December 2018