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Countdown to GDPR

Lots of work has been going on since last month's update to get the University ready for GDPR on 25 May.

Information Asset Owners

We now have an Information Asset Owners (IAO) in each of the Schools and Professional Services Directorates who are a point of contact for you. Their role is to have an overview of any activities that process personal data in each area, to understand where and when personal data is shared, and to have a broad understanding of data protection issues.

They will be pulling together an Information Asset Register which reflects how personal data is used in each area, and it will then form part of the University’s overall Register. A list of Information Asset Owners is now available, but please bear in mind that some of the group will not have completed their training until Monday 14May.


A new e-learning module will be available for all staff from Monday 21 May, outlining everything that you need to know about data protection. It is important that everyone accesses the e-learning module and completes the course - although it doesn’t have to be completed by 25 May, it’s good practice to make it a priority.

In addition to e-learning, there will be a number of staff training sessions for any staff that would like to have more detail beyond the information covered in the e-Learning. The training will expand on the changes and will be an opportunity to answer specific questions. 

Data Protection Officer

Under the Regulation, the University has to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The DPO ensures compliance with the GDPR and provides advice on data protection obligations. They also act as a point of contact for individuals and for the Information Commissioner’s Office. The University has appointed Alexandra Elliott, Head of Information Management and Compliance, as the Data Protection Officer.

If you have any queries about the above - or GDPR generally - then please email

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Posted on behalf of: University of Sussex
Last updated: Thursday, 6 September 2018