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Honorary degrees - Call for new nominations

In January 2018 the University recognised the achievements of Liam Hackett by presenting him with an honorary degree.

In January of this year the University recognised the achievements of two individuals (Liam Hackett and Sue Hollick) who have distinguished themselves through their charity work and in their contribution to the arts by presenting them with honorary degrees.

Now Sussex staff are being asked for their help in providing a new tranche of honorary degree nominations for the winter and summer 2019 graduation ceremonies.

Who should receive an honorary degree?

The general guidance on calibre and eligibility is:

  • Individuals who have achieved academic excellence in their field and who would bring distinction to the University. Such individuals may either (i) have contributed to the work of the University or (ii) by association with the University bring future advocacy or support to the University;
  • Individuals who have played an important public role contributing to the development, progress or change in society.

A key criterion is the connection of the achievement of the individual to an area of activity of the University.

The Committee has noted that it tends to receive two nominations of men for every one nomination for a woman. In line with the University’s recruitment policy and equalities commitments, the Committee would therefore like to encourage more nominations for individuals who are not equally represented on our list of past honorary graduates.

How to nominate someone for an honorary degree

Further information (including exclusions), and the nomination form that needs to be completed, can be found on the Planning, Governance and Compliance web pages.

Nominations need to be submitted by Monday 19 March 2018 at the latest for consideration by the next meeting of the Committee on 20 April 2018. Please note that nominees should not be approached regarding any potential nomination and all nominations must be treated as confidential

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By: Katie Knight
Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2018