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Official Transcripts


An official transcript is a formal record of the results of all assessments undertaken during a degree programme. An official transcript can sometimes be referred to as a European diploma supplement, these are the same documents.

To request a transcript please first read the guidance below:

The University currently does not use Digitary® or Gradintel to send official transcripts.

Requesting a Transcript

Transcripts can be requested by former Undergraduate and Postgraduate (taught only) students who need evidence of past results obtained at the University of Sussex.

We cannot issue a final transcript until your degree has been awarded.

Please note for courses that were completed on or prior to 1990 we would only be able to provide an official letter confirming your dates of study and overall award.

Requests are usually dealt with between 5 – 10 working days, however it can take longer during busy periods or for older records. If you have a deadline to meet, please make sure that you request your transcript in good time.

Please request your transcript here.

(This is a chargeable service, see below guide to charges)

Recent Finalists

All finalists who have completed their degree will receive a single copy of their transcript with their degree certificate.

Once your award has been confirmed you may request additional copies by completing the transcript request form.

We cannot issue a final transcript until your degree has been awarded.

Current Students

We only print interim transcripts for current undergraduate students that require a copy for applications/official purposes. They will only show marks for completed academic years and are not sealed, posted or sent directly to a third party, they are not available in electronic format.

Interim transcripts will need to be collected from the Student Systems and Records office we will only post out to a home address if you are intermitting from your studies or you are on year abroad.

Interim transcripts are free of charge.

If you require an unofficial record of your marks so far please log onto your Sussex Direct, then go to 'Module Results' and you will be able to print off your results.

Current postgraduate students please see for further details.

Transcripts for Partnership Institutions/Study Group/Visiting and Exchange Programmes

If you attended a partnership institution then please email the Partnership Office at for further advice on how to request a transcript.

If you attended Study Group please email the ISC at to request a transcript.

If you completed a Visiting and Exchange/International Summer School programme please request a transcript at

Guide to Charges
  • 1 Transcript/European Diploma Supplement £15
  • 2 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £17
  • 3 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £19
  • 4 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £21
  • 5 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £23
  • 6 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £25
  • 7 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £27
  • 8 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £29
  • 10 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £30
  • 15 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £35

If you require a scanned copy this would still incur a £15 charge if ordered on its own.

Payment Methods

Payment cannot be made until your request has been submitted and you have received a response by email from a member of the transcripts team advising you of our payment details.

All documents are sent by Royal Mail 2nd Class or standard Airmail, and can be sent in signed and sealed envelopes upon request. Airmail can take between 7 – 21 days to arrive so should you require your documents to be sent by courier then please indicate this in the comments box on the request form – we can only send documents to one address by courier.

There is a further £35 charge to send documents by courier.

If you have a form/covering sheet which needs sending with your transcript, please indicate this in the comments box on the request form and we will then send instructions by email to confirm what should be done next.

A PDF scan of your transcript can be provided if you request this in your order, but we have to produce the physical document in order to produce this. PDF are therefore subject to the same production timescales.


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