Student Systems and Records Office

Official Transcripts

An official transcript is a formal record of the results of all assessments undertaken during a degree programme.

Undergraduate Finalists

All finalists who have completed their degree will receive a single copy of their transcript with their undergraduate degree certificate. It is not possible to collect or post these documents in advance of the ceremony.

  • Please make sure your permanent Home address is correct before the end of term.
  • You may request additional copies by completing the transcript request form.

N.B.: If you have forgotten to change your permanent Home address and have now left the University please contact Your permanent Home address is the one via which correspondence will always be able to reach you (for example a parent's home), regardless of whether you move house after graduation due to employment or further study.


Successful graduates will receive their certificate and transcript at the award ceremonies.

Overseas students will be contacted in November to give them the opportunity to collect their transcript in advance if they need to return home prior to the award ceremonies.

Should you need your award certificate and diploma supplement (transcript) in advance of the winter graduation it will be available for collection from the Student Systems and Records Office, Level 1 Bramber House, from Monday 9th November to Monday 21st December 2015.

It is not possible to post these documents in advance of the ceremonies. We do not scan copies of certificates. For scanned or additional copies of transcripts see below (these services are chargeable).

Guide to charges - Official Transcripts

  • 1 Transcript/European Diploma Supplement £15
  • 2 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £17
  • 3 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £19
  • 4 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £21
  • 5 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £23
  • 6 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £25
  • 7 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £27
  • 8 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £29
  • 10 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £30
  • 15 Transcripts/European Diploma Supplements £35

Payment Methods

Payment cannot be made until your request has been submitted and you have received a response by email from a member of the transcripts team advising you of our payment details.


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