Student Systems and Records Office

Taught Tier 4 Visa Students

Student Progress is responsible for monitoring the progress of taught students studying at the University under a Tier 4 visa. This is an essential part of our obligations to the UKVI as a Tier 4 Sponsor of Tier 4 students.

For detailed information on immigration matters, please visit the International Student Support webpage. If you cannot find the information you need, please email

Please note that the following information applies only to Undergraduate and taught Postgraduate students. Research students should contact Research Student Administration Office.

Student Progress’ responsibilities include;

Visa Checking

When students who require a Tier 4 visa begin their course their visa and passport will be checked and scanned to their records.

Any students who are granted provisional registration will be monitored by SPA until their visa situation is resolved.

CAS Issuing

If a current student requires a new CAS to continue their study, they can request one from the SSRO reception either in person or by emailing The CAS will then be passed on to the International Student Support team, who will check the student’s finances and issue the CAS.

Please note that the above information applies to current students only. New students should contact Admissions.


An ATAS certificate is required by students with a Tier 4 visa studying certain subject areas. Current students who transfer onto or between courses requiring ATAS clearance will need to apply for a new ATAS certificate.

If a student’s course end date is extended (e.g. if a student takes a period of intermission), they will also need to reapply for ATAS clearance.

This can be done by emailing

Attendance Monitoring

Student Progress oversees the attendance monitoring procedures undertaken by the University Schools. All students are expected to attend a minimum of 80% of teaching sessions.

Any students with low attendance risk being withdrawn from the University. In the case of students with Tier 4 visas, withdrawal from study would result in their visa being curtailed (cancelled) and the student would be required to leave the UK.

All students should inform their School of any absences, in advance if possible. Any students experiencing difficulty in their academic or personal lives are advised to contact their School or the Student Life Centre.

Reporting changes of circumstance to UKVI

Student Progress is responsible for informing the UKVI if a student’s pattern of study changes. This includes;

  • Course transfers
  • Late arrival
  • Visa application refusals
  • Work placements
  • Temporary and Permanent withdrawals
  • Early course completion

Under UKVI regulations we are obliged to report these changes within 10 days of their effect.

Short-term Study Visas

Current students who require a Short-term Study Visa (e.g. students on intermission who will return for resit examinations) can request a letter from