Student Systems and Records Office

Student letters

Find out about the letters issued by the Student Systems and Records Office.

Postgraduate taught students

We provide all the below letters to postgraduate students on taught courses, e.g. MA, MSc, MBA, PGCE, PG diploma courses.

Undergraduate students

We only provide Council Tax Exemption letters for undergraduate students.

For all other undergraduate letters, please contact your School Office.

Research students

If you are a research student, please contact the Research Student Administration Office for all letters.

Sample letters

These are examples of the letters we issue. The information in these examples is indicative. The exact text may change.

General Letter Of EnrolmentGeneral Letter of Enrolment (current and completed students) (1)

Term-Time AddressTerm-Time Address (current students) (2)

Completed Assessments & Awaiting Exam Board ResultsCompleted Assessments & Awaiting Exam Board Results (current students)(3)

Completed Assessments & Awaiting Exam Board ResultsDegree Awarded (completed students) (4)

Full Time WorkWorking in the UK (for International Students) (5)

Visa Letter For Embassies Visa Letter For non-Schengen Embassies (current students) (6)

Guest Invitation During StudiesGuest Invitation During Studies (current students) (7)

Guest Invitation To CeremoniesGuest Invitation To Graduation Ceremony (After Studies Completed) (8)

Council Tax Exemption LetterCouncil Tax Exemption Letter (current students) (9)

Bank Letter Bank Letter (current international students) (10)

Schengen Visa LetterSchengen Visa Letter (current students) (11)

Interim TranscriptInterim Transcript


If you have any queries, email or call +44 (0)1273 877093.

Our postal address is:

Student Systems & Records Office
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Bramber House
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