Student Systems and Records Office


All tables have been produced from students numbers as at 1st December 2001 (unless otherwise stated), all students considered to be in study at the University of Sussex on this date are included. Where figures are shown for undergraduates these include all first degree or full-time students at undergraduate level. Centre for Continuing Education part-time students (not at first degree level) are only included in tables specifically dedicated to CCE.

Where the terms 'Home' and 'Overseas' are used in this document this relates to the student's fee status; 'Home' students are generally domiciled within the European Union (including UK); 'Overseas' students are those domiciled outside of the EU (this is a guideline and exceptions may exist). The term 'domicile' is defined as location of permanent home address as at 1st December 2001. 'Nationality' is self-classified by the student on their application form.

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Section 1 - Summary of Student Numbers as at 1st December 2001

Section 2 - Trend Analysis Tables and Equal Opportunities Monitoring

Section 3 - Details of Student Numbers as at 1st December 2001

Section 4 - Qualifications Awarded Calendar Year 2001