Student Systems and Records Office


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This is a copy of the Digest of Student Statistics (as at 1st December 1998), published by the Student Systems Office in May 1999.

All tables have been produced from student numbers as at 1st Dec 98, unless otherwise stated. All categories and groups of currently registered students are included, irrespective of their registration status. Students registered with the Centre for Continuing Education are only included in tables specifically dedicated to CCE [PDF 152.97KB].

This document was produced by the Student Systems Office. Should you require additional information or have any queries please contact the Student Data Supervisor.

Section 1 - Summary of student numbers at 1st Dec 98

Section 2 - Trend Analysis Tables and Equal Opportunities Monitoring

Section 3 - Details of Student Numbers as at 1st December 1998

Section 4 - Qualifications Awarded Calendar Year 1998