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Council Tax Exemptions

Council Tax is charged by local authorities to help pay for certain public services. It is based on the value of property in which you live.

 Full time students are not liable to pay Council tax.

Definition of a Full-Time Student for Council Tax Purposes

You will count as a full-time student if you are on a full-time course which:

  • lasts at least one academic year; and
  • requires attendance for at least 24 weeks per year; and
  • involves at least 21 hours of study, classes or work experience per week during term time.

This means that some students (eg. those studying at the SCLS) may not be eligible for exemption from Council tax.

Exemption for Eligible Students

I live in University AccommodationI live in the Brighton Area in postcode BN1, BN2, BN3 or BN41I live outside of Brighton
You are exempt and no action is required from you. You do not need a council tax exemption certificate from the Universityof Sussex. You just need to complete the Student reduction application form on the Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) site. You will need to submit a council tax certificate to your local council tax office. Request a Council Tax Exemption letter.


Spouse of a student is not liable to pay Council Tax if:

  • s/he is not a British or EU Citizen and
  • s/he is not permitted to work or claim benefits.
  • Please refer to the FAQ's for more information

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