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At SPRU we are leading the way in science, technology and innovation policy. Our postgraduate courses provide aspiring professionals with the knowledge and skills to analyse and guide policy, as well as to manage scientific change and technological innovation within public-sector organisations, non-governmental organisations and companies.

Energy Policy MSc

Take on the challenge of creating sustainable and low-carbon energy systems throughout the world.

  • Focus on the role of technological innovation.
  • Gain the skills to analyse policy problems and to propose and evaluate viable policy solutions.
  • A strong foundation for careers in government, international organisations, the private sector and NGOs.

The course is led by the Sussex Energy Group (SEG), one of the largest independent social science energy policy research groups in the world. You will be taught by internationally recognised experts on climate change mitigation and the adaption of energy policy including Professor Steven Sorrell and Dr Matthew Lockwood.

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The online course is led by Dr Marie Claire Brisbois.

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Sustainable Development MSc

Help build a future that is environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive.

  • Get a unique perspective on how policy issues impact on sustainable development, and gain the skills to address them.
  • Sussex is 1st in the world for Development Studies (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019).
  • These skills are urgently required in international development agencies, non-governmental organisations, government ministries and firms in the Global South and North.

This course is led by Dr Saurabh Arora and Professor Andy Stirling.

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Science and Technology Policy MSc

Gain an outstanding foundation in the language, logic and tools of policy formulation and analysis.

  • Gain frameworks and tools to understand the complex dynamics of policy development
  • Be able to critique and contribute to science, technology and innovation policy and industrial strategy
  • Prepare for a range of careers. This includes public-, private- and charitable-sector organisations working to tackle society’s most important economic, social and environmental challenges.

This course is led by key figures in the field including Dr Ohid Yaqub and Dr Frederique Bone.

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Strategic Innovation Management MSc

Firms that innovate will outperform those that don't. Learn how to create value from innovation.

  • Equip yourself to lead and manage innovation at operational and strategic levels.
  • Develop an approach that combines management of the market, technological and organisational changes.
  • Gain a set of transferable skills relevant to occupations such as management consultancy, product and service development, business analysis, technology management, R&D and innovation management.

Learn from innovation experts including Dr Monica Masucci and Dr Alberto Marzucchi.

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Project Management MSc

Become a first-rate project manager.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of managing complex projects
  • Develop your leadership skills, and learn how to manage risk and innovation.
  • You can also tailor your degree to your career path by choosing options in areas such as digital innovation and data visualisation.

Students will be taught by leading academics and experienced senior project managers from the private sector, who bring cutting-edge research and practice into their lectures, including Dr. Carlos Sato (expert on Project Management). This course is ideal for lucrative careers in consultancy and project management.

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About SPRU Masters scholarships

All SPRU Masters courses have been recognised as providing research training that meets ESRC requirements, and so eligible applicants wishing to take a one year Masters followed by a three year PhD (1+3) may apply for an ESRC 1+3 scholarship.

Geoff Oldham Memorial Scholarships (2020)

Geoff Oldham co-founded the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) in 1966. He served as Deputy Director before becoming Director in 1982, and his work on science and technology policy and developing countries is unparalleled.

These scholarships, awarded as a £10,000 tuition fee reduction, are available to those applying to study a Masters at SPRU.

For more information, please visit the Geoff Oldham Memorial Scholarships page.

Carlota Perez Scholarship (2020)

Carlota Perez studies the socio-economic impact of technical change and the historical context of growth and development.

This scholarship, awarded as a £10,000 tuition fee reduction, is available to applicants applying to study a Masters at SPRU.

For more information, please visit the Carlota Perez Scholarship page.

Margaret Sharp Master's Scholarship (2020)

This scholarship, awarded as a £10,000 tuition fee reduction, is available to applicants applying to study a Masters at SPRU.

For more information please visit the Margaret Sharp Masters Scholarship page.

Puay Tang Memorial Scholarship (2020)

Dr Tang arrived at SPRU in 1994, initially in the SPRU group on information and communication policy. Her focus was on intellectual property rights (IPR), including copyright issues in electronic publishing, software patents, the management of IPR in collaborative projects, and the role of IPR in innovation.

This scholarship, awarded as a £10,000 tuition fee reduction, is available to applicants applying to study a Masters at SPRU.

For more information please visit the Puay Tang Memorial Scholarship page.