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Technology and Innovation Management

High growth firms such as Google or Apple often create value and grow because they are innovative. Conversely, innovation is disrupting existing industrial structures across a range of sectors, private, public, manufacturing and services, requiring organisations to change their behaviour. Innovation, and the benefits it generates, does not happen easily or automatically. It needs to be managed, which involves a set of skills and knowledge that are significantly different from the standard management toolkit.

In an increasingly competitive international environment, understanding how to effectively manage technology and innovation has become critical to success.

SPRU is a global leader in research and teaching in the area of innovation management, with its impact in this field ranked second only to Harvard.* Our work focuses on enhancing innovation in all types of organisations, and across all sectors, and involves developing and delivering tools to improve the management of innovation within organisations and between organisations and their suppliers and customers.

Key areas of our work include: technology strategy, new technology based firms and sectors, complex systems and products, high-growth new ventures, innovation in business model, infrastructure sectors, healthcare and biopharmaceuticals and services, and the management of knowledge and intellectual property.

One of SPRU’s strengths is our pervasive interest in the direction of technological change (not just its pace and impact), and understanding the varied pathways through which STI may develop and how that can be strategically managed.

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Professor Paul Nightingale
Professor Joe Tidd



*Fagerberg et al. (2012), Innovation: Exploring the Knowledge-bases, Research Policy, 41