SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit

PhD Research

Our PhD research students are an integral part of the development of research agendas as part of their training.

Current PhD research students theses are listed below, grouped within our research theme categories.

Energy, Sustainability and Development

Examining technological learning and capability development through intermediaries. The case of Oil & Gas sector of the Sultanate of Oman - Saoud Al Shoaili

Social networks, social capital and adaptation in the context of sanitarian crisis: the case of oil palm small producers in Colombia - Zoraida Bernal Hernandez

The interplay between labour market and industry dynamics in an evolutionary framework: the case of photovoltaic sector- Danilo Bianchini

Use and Changes Through Use of Medical Technologies in Developing Countries - Victoria Blessing

Essays on innovation and the development bank in Brazil – Marco Carreras

Net energy availability due to changes in global energy supply systems: Implications for economy and climate change - Claire Carter

Thinking and speaking for ourselves’: the development of shack dwellers’ political voice in the age of ICTs - Kalinca Copello

Assessing the electricity security of the UK in transitions to a low-carbon economy - Emily Cox

Framings of Pastoral Development in the Horn: An Application of Q-Methodology - Yusuf Dirie

Sustainability, resilience and governance of an urban food system in China -  A case study of peri-urban Wuhan - Jonathan Dolley

City Energy and the UK energy transition; early adopters and insights from the socio-technical perspective - Donal Brown

Policy Mixes in Sustainability Transitions: Reducing end-use energy demand of Buildings in the UK - Duncan Edmondson

Understanding the influence of microgeneration and families on energy related social practices - Nicolette Fox

Community based rural electrification in East Africa: An opportunity for collective action? - Lorenz Gollwitzer

How can residential electricity load shifting in the UK be maximised under time-of-use tariffs? - Matthew Gross

Patterns of Building Technological Capabilities and Diffusion of Innovation: The case study of the Green car industry in Korea (1995-now) - Doohee Hwang

Skills Requirement of the Low Carbon Transition - Nick Jagger

Overcoming the Barriers to the Delivery of near Zero Energy Non-domestic Buildings (nZEBs) in the UK – An in Depth Analysis of the Factors, Characteristics and Dynamics of Change under a Socio-technical perspective - Sofia Kesidou

The role of expectations and visions of the future in the development of target-based environmental policies: the case of the UK Air Quality - Vanessa McKean

The implementation of biofuels technology in oil firms: unlocking a path dependency and steering towards new technological systems? - Nelson Mojarro

The diffusion of large sustainable technology systems: The growth of the onshore wind sector in Ireland - Cian O'Donovan

Energy transitions in sub-Saharan Africa - Sandra Pointel

Diffusion of Micro-Grids in consumer coalitions. An Agent-Based simulation and an empirical analysis – Francesco Pasimeni

Patterns of Cooperation and Competition in Chile’s Electricity System - Tomas Saieg Paez

Contested framings of ‘agricultural research for development’ - Ruth Segal

When You Change Gear: Contrasting Technology Catch-up Shift of Korean and Japanese Heavy Electrical Industries (1980s~2000s) - Kwang Seok

Innovations and financial system: the case of technological eco-innovations - Edgardo Sica

Sustainable nuclear reactors - Maria Cristina Silva-Santisteban Mondonedo

What effect have renewable electricity products had on greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation activities? - Andrea Smith

The discursive construction of ICT4D policy in Trinidad and Tobago: a contextual case study - Kieron Swift

Innovation from the Outlands: Exploring the origins of pastoral innovation - Alexander Tasker

Causes and Consequences of Diverse Understandings of Adaptive Capacity within Agricultural Development Interventions in Northern Ghana - Rachael Taylor

Socio-technical transitions in South Africa’s electricity sector - Marie Blanche Ting

Claiming Ownership: The Changing Role of Urban Governance in Low Carbon Transitions in the UK and Germany - Jonas Colen Ladeia Torrens

The effectiveness of international programmes in addressing barriers to scaling up the deployment of off-grid PV systems with energy storage - Anne-Marie Verbeken

Biases and Influences: the decisions of developing new capabilities in Taiwanese solar PV firm - Kwo-Feng Wan

Science, Politics and Decision making

The process of locally embedding sustainable technologies - Jake Barnes

Journal Indexing Systems in Ibero-America: their role on science communication - Diego Chavarro

Lenses for better understanding public goods in biodiversity-based innovation - Edwin Cristancho Pinilla

Organisational Capabilities for Policy Formulation in Developing Countries: The case of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Science and Technology - Chux Daniels

Imposing on the Unborn? Ethical Issues in Newbuild Nuclear Waste Management - Philip Davies

Examining the Relationship between Leadership and Megascience Projects - David Eggleton

On Planetary Boundaries and the Arctic Cryosphere - Nick Gallie

Making the Case for Publicly-Funded Science: Evidence and Advocacy during the UK General Elections of 2010 and 2015 - Andrew Hunter

Network Learning in Disease Outbreak Scenarios – Joshua Hutton

Regulatory Incentives To Drug Innovation, and Radical Patient Benefit - Edmond Karimzadeh

International R&D collaboration: Benefits, operational strategies and performance evaluations - Sungjoo Lee

Online lead users and social change in Arab conservative societies: the case of Saudi Arabia - RandalahRawas

UK summer space schools and the promotion of STEM subjects among young students - Carol White

The Implementation of Health Service Innovation: A Case Study of the Medicine Use Review - Sarah Yeulet

Technology and Innovation Management

Managing the Directionality of Strategic Innovation: A Case of Corporate Venturing of an ICT Firm in Korea  - Youngha Chang

Why do some drug projects succeed in development and others fail? An exploration into the conditions influencing the success and failure of UK drug projects aimed at rare cancers using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) - Philippa Crane

The case study of the Green car industry in Korea (1995-now) - Seong Hwang

Intermediaries, Ambidexterity and their Contribution to Firm Performance: The Case of the Flat Screen TV Industry in Korea - Jang Saeng Kim

A single experiment does not make innovation: exploring difficulties of translating research into practice: dental implants and Canadian innovation system - Irene Makar

Co-specialisation of manufacturers and intermediary users: the case of Korean mobile handset manufacturers approaching world frontiers - Dong Un Park

The Impact of the Renewable Energy (RE) Economic Instruments mix on RE Innovation: the case of the European Union - Alkis Pitelis

Virtual Communities of Practice: the effects on learning and knowledge creation of social interaction mediated through technology – George Siantonas 

Learning to Govern Through Numbers at Heathrow - Rebecca Vine

Economics of Innovation and Industrial Policy

Service global value chains and structural change in developing countries -  Filippo Bontadini

Towards an inclusive and scalable urban mobility transition in India Bipashyee Ghosh

The Development of a Domestic Capital Goods Industry: A Diffusion Perspective on Turkey - Umut Gur

Emergent technological innovation systems in the agriculture sector: organisation- and system-level attributes shaping the formation of inter-organisational collaborations for agro-biotechnology - Nicolas Gutierrez

Distributing the Rewards from Innovation: A Legal-Institutional approach to the Appropriation of Returns by Public Institutions in Brazil  - Andrea Laplane

Energy and Growth: Insights from an Exergy Accounting Framework – Jack Miller

Fact or fiction: The co-evolution of green transformation policies and reforms in the financial system’ - Chantal Pauline Naidoo

The WTO’s Competition Regime: The Autopsy of a Failure - Hammed Roohani

Virtual Currency establishment: sustainable digital value chains as the Information Communication Technology enablers for the digital economy - Vedad Sabljic

The Change Process of Regional Innovation System - Sangwoo Shin

Understanding Patterns of Innovation within the UK Milk Production Sector – James Thomas

To take care of an issue: Participating in the UK ‘fracking’ controversy – Laurence Williams