SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit

Energy, Sustainability and Development

How do we meet the world’s growing need for water, energy, and food in an equitable manner without compromising the environment or future generations? Despite increasing reference to ‘sustainability’, ‘low carbon economies’ and ‘green growth’ in policy debates, global progress remains slow. We need to urgently find ways to facilitate both growth and sustainability, whilst also addressing environmental degradation and poverty.

Since the 1970s, SPRU has been at the heart of international debates about the role of science, technology and innovation, in fostering sustainability and development. Through the Sussex Energy Group (SEG) we combine academic research with practical application in the critical area of energy policy. Our research seeks to identify pathways to facilitate global transitions to a genuinely sustainable future, looking specifically at key areas such as energy, food, agriculture, and water. Our aim is to help organisations, industries and policy makers ensure that appropriate technologies and innovations are developed and deployed to produce positive effects.   

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Professor Fiona Marshall
Professor Andy Stirling
Professor Gordon MacKerron