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The Sussex Energy Group aims to understand and foster transitions towards sustainable, low carbon energy systems. Drawing from SPRU’s tradition, we undertake academically rigorous, interdisciplinary and world-leading research that is relevant to contemporary policy challenges. We also educate the next generation of energy policy professionals through our MSc and PhD programmes.

The Sussex Energy Group is directed by Professor Benjamin K. Sovacool and co-directed by Dr Florian Kern and Dr Karoline Rogge.

Latest SEG News

Research shows link between civil and military nuclear in UK

Major attention is being given to research by Prof Andy Stirling and Dr Phil Johnstone, which shows there is a link between the UK’s military submarine-related nuclear activities and civil new build agendas. Read more

'Confusion and resistance' slows down UK smart meter rollout

Lack of consumer engagement, insufficienct information and inadequate attention to vulnerability has slowed down the UK rollout of energy smart meters, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Sussex. Read more.

Energy wasted in UK homes is equivalent to output of six Hinkley Point C power stations

Energy efficient improvements to home heating, insulation, lighting and appliances could reduce the energy consumed in UK households each year by a quarter, according to new briefing paper by UKERC & CIED. Read more

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