The Powershifts project was initatiated through a Marie Curie Fellowship under the EU Horizon2020 scheme. This project investigates the impact that community and co-operative renewable energy initiatives are having on existing policy decisions in OECD countries. Work focuses on initiatives that want to integrate into existing electricity grids. The project asks three main questions:

  1. Are formal decision-making patterns in OECD countries shifting?
  2. If decision-making patterns are shifting, exactly how is that happening?
  3. What does this mean for political systems and the policies that they produce?

Research is currently underway. Some preliminary results are available upon request. Final results will be available by September 2019.


The Earth Systems Governance Harvest Initative is compiling findings produced in the first 10 years of the Earth Systems Governance Network. As part of this initative, I am working with a team to produce an overview of findings related to power and agency. This overview will be used to help define future ESG research directions.


I am also involved in several ongoing projects examining collaborative governance, water governance, and learning for sustainability