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Mr Shammi Kabir

Post:School Tutor (Strategy and Marketing)
Other posts:Doctoral Tutor (Strategy and Marketing)
 Research student (International Development, Business and Management)
Location:JUBILEE BUILDING JUB-142 ROOM 201(Business School)
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UK:01273 876991
International:+44 1273 876991
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Shammi joined the Department of International Development, University of Sussex as a 'Doctoral Researcher' under the supervision of Dr. Paul Gilbert and Professor Raminder Kaur Kahlon in 2018. He has also joined as an 'School Tutor' with the responsibility of teaching an MSc module Marketing Analysis and Financial Strategy [863H1], under the department of Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex Business School and the Department of Engineering and Design.

Shammi's responsibilities include: designing, teaching and facilitating seminars on the above MSc module. Mentoring and providing guidance and one-to-one support to students, alongside providing pastoral support for postgraduate home and international students, as well as providing constructive feedback to them and delivering inclusive pedagogy that aims to engage and empower students.

Shammi has successfully (overall grade 68%) completed his BSc (Hons) in Business and Retail Management from the University of Surrey in 2013, followed by obtaining a distinction in his MSc (International Retail Management) degree from the University of Brighton in 2015. Shammi has further consolidated his academic knowledge and has equipped himself with a range of essential research and analytical skills in the business and management arena, by attaining a merit in his second MSc (Human Resource Management) degree with CIPD Level-7 qualification from the University of Sussex. Moreove, Shammi has further consolidated his methodological and academic research skills by successfuly completing his PGCert in Social Sciences Research Methods (with an overall grade of 65%) from the University of Sussex in 2018. 

Furthermore, while concentrating on his academic studies, Shammi has accrued invaluable real-world experience by creating ventures and managing and running them successfully for a number of years. Shammi considers himself as an immensely dedicated individual working towards a career as an academic researcher and teacher with a unique combination of business/management research skills and competences acquired during his academic studies and work experience.

He considers himself to be a social scientist with an interest in the overlapping fields of work, employment, society and labour market stratification, alongside Employment Relations (ER) and HRM. In terms of research, he is primarily interested in the social constructionism of the discourses of the ever confronting issue of Job-Quality (JQ) from the experiences of individual workers in order to understand how they feel about their work in terms of their subjective work and life quality. For his recent MSc (HRM) research project he qualitatively looked into the rising issue of JQ from the experiences of self-employed, nonstandard, precarious and/or contingent workers who work for Uber as driver-partners in the sharing-economy.

His other research interests include classifying the ambiguous ER and/or employment status of contractors, freelancers and/or self-employed independent professionals (IPros). His research interests also include the issue of subjective (psychological) well-being of IPros who work in the sharing-economy. He is also interested in gaining a fuller understanding of the rising issue of job (in)security, JQ and the quality of working lives concerning the IPros who work in the public or private sectors as gig workers. Longer term, he is also keen to look into the two key individual-level theories (i.e. necessity based vs opportunity based entrepreneur; human-capital vs class-mobility hypothesis) relating to the ever increasing freelancing workforce. Moreover, he is also interested in looking into the IR35 rules (concerning independent-contractors) as it appears as arcane and chaotic as almost all independent contractors are now required to be paid through PAYE, which in turn led to an exodus of these self-employed IPros.



School Tutor and Assessment Convenor, University of Sussex Business School


  • International Marketing [N1507E], Level-6 Module, Autumn Term 2019-2020
  • Marketing Analysis and Financial Strategy [863H1], Level-7 Module, Autumn Term 2018-2019

Assessment Convening:

  • International Marketing [727N1] Research Project, Level-7 Module, Spring and Summer Term 2018-2019
  • Management [756N1] Research Project, Level-7 Module, Spring and Summer Term 2018-2019
  • Consumer Psychology and Neuromarketing [953N1], Research Project, Level-7 Module, Spring and Summer Term 2018-2019 

Doctoral Researcher

  • Subject Area: International Development Studies
  • Research Area: Work, Employment and Labour Market, Work-related Mental Health and Wellbeing, Society and Sustainable Development
  • Research Group: Development Economics and International Development Studies
  • Department of International Development | School of Global Studies





Date                                                           Qualifications                                                                    

2018 to Date:   PhD International Development (Global Studies), Sussex Doctoral School, University of Sussex, UK

2018 to Date:   PGCert in Higher Education (PGCertHE)Academic Development and Quality Enhancement,                                    University of Sussex, UK

2018 to 2019:   AFHEA (Associate Fellowship in Higher Education Academy), School of Education and Social                                         Work, University of Sussex, UK


2017 to 2018:   PGCert (Social Sciences Research Methods), School of Global Studies, University of Sussex, UK

2015 to 2017:   MSc (Human Resource Management), University of Sussex Business School, UK                             

2014 to 2015:   MSc (International Retail Management), Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, UK   

2010 to 2013:   BSc (Business and Retail Management), Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, UK

Professional Qualifications :   

2015 to 2017:   CIPD (Level 7), University of Sussex Business School, UK




ROLE (Paid) : Exam Invigilator, University of Sessex, UK

Responsibilities Include:

─        Preparing and assisting with setting up of the exam room. This might involve laying out equipment and setting up the exam papers, putting scrap paper and pens on the desks for students to use, and covering all windows (if necessary) so that there are no distractions to the candidates;

─        Reading instructions to the candidates;

─        Checking candidates ID cards, and checking attendance during the exam;

─        Guiding the candidates where to sit (if necessary);

─        Giving out the computer login slips (if necessary);

─        Dealing with inquires raised by the candidates;

─        Ensuring the candidates maintain silence and do not talk to each other during the exam;

─        Observing the candidates, checking for any misconduct and ensuring that the University policies and procedures are followed strictly throughout the exam process;

─        At the end of the examination, collecting the exam papers, and ensuring the candidates leave the exam room in a quiet manner.


ROLE (Volunteering) : Mentor

Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) Education Programme, University of Brighton

Responsibilities Include:

To promote a culture of problem solving and help the student mentees develop their plans successfully; to enable the student mentees to have a clear understanding of their core aim and objectives and support the creation of smart short-term and long-term goals; to create an open and safe environment where ideas, thoughts, concerns and experiences can be shared; to listen without interrupting and/or judging the individual or situation.  Also, to listen carefully and demonstrate empathy, alongside respecting the ideas and expertise of the student mentees; to value the students’ intellect, feelings, knowledge and skills, also to consider their needs and perspectives, alongside obligating to and understanding confidentiality, and to be self-motivated and set and meet objectives and to be committed to continuous learning, self-development and personal growth.

ROLE:  Doctoral Studies Committee Member

Doctoral School, University of Sussex

As a member of this University Level Committee, Shammi represents all doctoral researchers within the Social Sciences cluster, which includes BMEc (Business Management and Economics), Law, Politics and Sociology, Education and Social Work, Global Studies, and IDS (International Development Studies).

Responsibilities Include:

As a member of this committee his central responsibility is to deal with all amenities or facilities for all research students within the cluster of Social Sciences. Other responsibilities include:

─       to attend doctoral studies, forums or committee meetings

─       to speak freely on proposals and policies presented to committee meetings

─       to ensure the committee  is doing what fellow students want

─       to provide feedback to fellow students about what takes place at the committee meetings


ROLE:   Student Representative (Postgraduate Research) 2017- 2019

Department: Business and Management, University of Sussex

Responsibilities Include:

 ─       To represent the views and interests of my fellow Postgraduate Research (PGR) Business and Management (B&M) students

─       To promote and support the participation in and the success of student clubs/societies as well as student sports clubs and media

─       To ensure my fellow PGR B&M students have fair and equal access to student-led activities

─       To make positive change grounded on what my fellow students voice about their experiences at BMEc and ultimately at Sussex

─       To work towards bringing about the change based on my manifesto promises

─       To campaign for change, applying fellow PGR B&M student ideas and affairs as a central emphasis

─       To communicate effectively with my fellow students, society/club members, as well as Student Union and other University staff members online (by electronic means) and/or offline (face-to-face)

─       To act responsibly and in a professional manner in order to fulfil my elected role, duties and responsibilities


ROLE:  Union Councillor 2017 - 2018

Students’ Union Council, University of Sussex

As a member of Sussex Students’ Union Council, alongside another fellow councillor, Shammi represents all PG taught as well as research students within the Social Sciences cluster, including Business Management and Economics (BMEc), Law, Politics and Sociology, Education and Social Work, Global Studies, and International Development Studies (IDS).

Responsibilities Include:

─       to attend Students’ Union Council meetings

─       to ensure the Union Council is doing what fellow students want

─       to ensure that Union Officers are working towards what they set out to do in their manifestos

─       to influence the work of Union Officers in order to ensure they reflect the needs of fellow students

─       to inspect decisions made in the Union Council, and oversee the enforcement and implementation of the rules and Union policies

─       to respond to fellow students about what takes place at the Union Council meetings