As co-lead of the ISSC  'Transformative Pathways to Sustainability' network, I am involved in research on decarbonising industrial systems (China), sustainable energy access (mobile-enabled pay-as-you-go solar in Kenya) and agri-food systems (UK and Argentina).  I am interested in the processes through which grassroots and other forms of innovation form hybrids that can contribute to sustainable development. 

Beyond my primary role within SPRU, I value the opportunity to work across the different schools (and disciplines) on campus, as well as to collaborate with external partners. I am currently a co-investigator on four projects supported by the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme:

- Delivering food security, community resilience, and biodiversity through rewilding and community agriculture, led by Chris Sandom (School of Life Sciences)

- People, Pollinators & Pesticides in Peri-Urban Farming, led by Dave Goulson (School of Life Sciences)

- Urban Air Pollution and Inequalities in Fast Industrialising Countries: Origins, Nature and Policy Process, led by Wei Shen (Institute of Development Studies)

- Assessing trade-offs and synergies in SDG targets from global commodity chains associated with environmental justice conflict, led by Mika Peck (School of Life Sciences)

My primary research specialisation is the regulation and governance of biotechnology - the focus of my DPhil thesis and a co-authored book, published on the basis of the STEPS Centre's 'Rethinking Regulation' project. From 2013-2017 I led the Sussex team on the project Low Carbon Innovation in China - Prospects, Politics and Practice, in particular the agri-food component examining high-tech (GM) and agro-ecological agriculture, which builds on several aspects of my earlier work.  

Over the years I have benefitted greatly from time spent visiting collaborating research institutions around the world:

2016 April-September Centre for Research on Transformation, Argentina

2011 May-June National Institute for Science, Technology and Development Studies, India

2010 November-December - African Technology Policy Studies Network, Kenya

2004 September- 2005 January: Program on Science, Technology and Society, J F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA

2004 February - June: UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

2003 October-November: Institute for Advanced Studies in Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS), Graz, Austria

2003 May-July: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), Ivry-sur-Seine, France