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24th Annual SPRU PhD Forum success

This year’s SPRU PhD Forum on the 17th and 18th May was, as ever, organised by SPRU’s first year PhDs. This year’s theme was 'Science, Technology and Innovation for a World in Transition: Interdisciplinary Perspectives', with an emphasis on thinking across disciplinary boundaries and connecting different views and approaches to the challenges faced by our changing world. The forum featured thought-provoking panels, a diverse range of speakers and the opportunity for PhD students from a number of universities to present and discuss their research.

SPRU PhD Forum Organisers

Over the two days there were also two plenary panel sessions on research impact and Transformative Policies for Inclusive Structural Change, where a group of academics from different areas came together to discuss a theme.

The PhD Forum encourages the sharing of ideas and is a unique environment where PhD students can network, collaborate and discuss their research. Across the two days PhD students from an array of universities gave 5-minute presentations on the subject of their research before opening up the topic for discussion. The areas were grouped into broad categories such as ‘Urban Spaces and Regional Innovation’, ‘Gender and Technology’ and ‘Economics of Innovation and Industrial Policy’.  Some of the topics presented were:

  • ‘Regime destabilisation of Chinese electricity system: a perspective of misalignment among different actors’ - Keija Yang, 2nd year PhD, SPRU
  • ‘Biomedical R&D models to develop new drugs in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia Sara Valencia’ - 4th year PhD, Science and Technology Studies, University of Edinburgh
  • ‘Open Access and Standards of Scientific Quality Control in Scholarly Publishing’ - Anna Severin, 1st year PhD, Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Berne, Switzerland
  • ‘Capturing value from innovation collaboration through Contracts and Governance’ - Sabrina Mistry, 3rd year PhD, King’s Business College, University College of London

Since its inception in 1994 as ‘DPhil Day’, the Forum has grown into a renowned international event that encourages PhD students to connect, share and learn in a welcoming and friendly environment. Professor Joanna Chataway tweeted about the Forum - ‘Many thanks to SPRU PhD students for organising this wonderful gathering. A great SPRU tradition.’

You can see the full programme for this year’s Forum.

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