SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit

Financial Governance for Innovation and Social Inclusion

SPRU/Ford/MINDS Workshop
25-26 November 2013

What key reforms to financial governance are needed so that finance works for the productive economy, not against it? What is the appropriate institutional framework  to ensure that growth is not only ‘smart’ but also ‘inclusive’?

The workshop on financial governance for innovation and social inclusion brings together international economists whose research is funded by the Ford Foundation, to consider the pressing need to re-shape and re-orient financial institutions towards the dual objective of innovation and social inclusion. The context is one in which the financial crisis has led to a major international economic and social crisis, in which long term growth and economic security are threatened.  What is required is growth that is both ‘smarter’ (innovation led) and also more ‘inclusive’ than that which we have experienced over the last decades. This requires a broad discussion on the role of finance and financial institutions in the broader economy – and society- that nurtures rather than destroys the capital development of the economy, and enables high quality jobs and near full employment. 

Key to the discussion will be the need for ‘long term committed’ finance and the multitude of different forms this is taking—against the grain–around the world. We will also discuss the broader forms of market shaping, and knowledge governance, that places development and social inclusion as its center, rather than rewarding gambling and “destructive” forms of entrepreneurship.

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